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Lysa Hora

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.8 / 12
Lysa Hora is a breathtakingly beautiful natural site that is unfortunately not well taken care of. Despite its raw and untouched nature, there is a significant amount of garbage scattered around, which speaks to the irresponsibility of some visitors. The government should be doing a better job in preserving and maintaining this natural treasure, but corruption hinders their efforts. It is disheartening to witness such neglect in such a stunning location. To find beautiful spots within Lysa Hora, you can try using geolocation or connect with other individuals planning to visit the area. The forest in Lysa Hora is enchanting and captivating throughout the year, making it a wonderful place to explore. However, it is unfortunate that the area is now frequently used for dog-walking and has been extensively cut for bike paths, one of which even runs through the middle of a temple. If the authorities have designated this place as a nature reserve, perhaps constructing a cycling track was not the best decision, given the littering habits of some visitors. It would be beneficial to establish measures such as protection or patrol to ensure the preservation of this serene location, especially in the evenings. Despite the challenges faced in maintaining Lysa Hora, its raw nature remains stunningly beautiful. The place holds an air of mystery and tranquility, making it an ideal spot for meditation and peaceful contemplation. However, it is worth noting that some visitors disrupt the peaceful atmosphere with activities such as drinking or failing to properly supervise their children. It is recommended for visitors to familiarize themselves with the area before visiting, as internet service may be slow or unreliable. Additionally, Lysa Hora has historical significance as it was the site of a World War II battle and has unfortunately been associated with suicidal incidents. In summary, Lysa Hora is a mystical and captivating place that showcases the beauty of raw nature. However, its neglect and the irresponsible behavior of some visitors pose challenges to preserving its allure. Despite this, the inherent charm and tranquility of Lysa Hora make it a worthwhile destination for those seeking a connection with nature and a place for introspection.
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very beautiful raw nature, but too sad to see such places not being take of, a lot of garbage here and there, such irresponsible nation ( alot of peo.. Read more »
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