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Lviv State Circus

Lviv, Ukraine
4.9 / 8
The Lviv State Circus is a fun and entertaining place for the whole family. The highlight of the show is the live band, which adds an extra level of excitement. It is considered one of the best circus shows in town and comes highly recommended. While the circus may have a slightly outdated feel, reminiscent of the Soviet era, it still offers a great experience. The restroom facilities could use some improvements, as there is no liquid soap and the toilet paper is located outside of the stalls. However, the prices at the буфет (cafeteria) are very reasonable. The only complaint is that the lack of cool air inside the circus makes it quite stuffy. Overall, the Lviv State Circus is a beautiful and memorable place, especially for children. The performances are professional and enjoyable, with impressive acrobats and lively animal acts, such as tigers, a lioness, and a cute dog show. Although the chairs may not be the most comfortable and the view may be obstructed in some seats, the circus offers a great opportunity to create lasting memories with your children. It is also a good place for adults and elders to have some fun. The reconstructed square in front of the circus and the nearby park enhance the overall experience. If you are looking for a nostalgic circus experience with animals, including a bear on a bike, prancing ponies, and trained cats and dogs, then this is the place for you. However, if you are not a fan of animal acts, it may be best to avoid this circus. Overall, the Lviv State Circus is a wonderful option to spend a quality and enjoyable time with your family.
Address:Horodotska Street, 83, L'viv
Phone:+380 98 715 6868



That was fun. My favorite part is the live band!!!!
Excellent experience. One of the best circus shows I've attended! Highly recommend!
Cirkus in Lviv, it's a good place for all the family ?
Fun for the whole family, great show. Definitely recommend. A bit outdated (Soviet era). No liquid soap in the restroom, everyone uses a bar. The toil.. Read more »
a very beautiful
Very cute dog show
Oh, this place is all about memories of me being a kid. Now it is renewed. Still a bit not comfortable chairs and a you have big chance to take 'wrong.. Read more »
Professional Circus, great for kids. Very good performances, tigers and lioness big and lively. Dark Horses very well kept.
It's nice that the city has such place where you can go with your kids and have some fun there. Good place even for adults and elders. Reconstructed s.. Read more »
Good fun circus, just like they used to have here when I was a kid i.e.- with animals. See a bear on a bike, prancing ponies & trained cats & dogs, as.. Read more »