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Liechtenstein Garden Palace

Vienna, Austria
4.7 / 38
The Liechtenstein Garden Palace is a stunning park that offers a peaceful and serene environment. The park is well-maintained and features beautiful flowers that add to its charm. Although the weather may not always be ideal, a walk through the park is highly recommended if you are in the area. Additionally, the park has a playground, making it a great destination for families with children. The garden also boasts impressive architecture and a beautiful interior. The thematic exhibitions held in the palace are captivating, with this year's focus being on a bronze sculpture collection. The library is particularly breathtaking and should not be missed. In addition to the park and exhibitions, the palace offers an array of activities and experiences. Visitors can enjoy guided tours of the palace, which provide insight into its rich history and allow for a deeper appreciation of its grandeur. The concert hall hosts performances by small orchestras, opera singers, and ballet dancers, creating a truly spectacular experience. For those interested in art, the palace houses a private collection of paintings, sculptures, and furniture. Notably, there are works by renowned artist Rubens and beautiful tapestry on display. During the Christmas season, the palace hosts a charming market with a delightful atmosphere and warm punch to enjoy. It is a wonderful opportunity to partake in the festive spirit and experience the magic of the holiday season. Overall, the Liechtenstein Garden Palace is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking tranquility, beauty, and cultural experiences. Whether you are interested in strolling through the park, exploring the exhibitions, attending a performance, or admiring the palace's impressive interiors, there is something for everyone to enjoy at this magnificent palace.
Address:Fürstengasse 1, Wien
Phone:+43 1 31957670



Very nice park to walk around; very silent.
The park is very nice and the flowers are beautiful. Sadly the weather wasn't the nicest. But if you are in the neighbourhood I recommend walking thro.. Read more »
Beautiful garden and architecture.
Nice place to sit down and relax
We had a wonderful tour package that gave us a chance to see a small orchestra ensemble, an opera performance, and a ballet dance performance in the c.. Read more »
Excellent interior, good thematic exhibition (this year it was bronze sculpture collection) and big amazing library.
Great Palais with a Public Garden for Relaxing and Walking 🌿💛🏰 During March 2023 you can visit an Exhibition in the Ground Floor for free. The Entran.. Read more »
Absolutely beautiful inside and friendly staff. If you have the opportunity to visit inside this lovely palace, take it! It's breathtaking inside - es.. Read more »
Greatly preserved family owned palace with huge and well decorated ballroom and private collection of paintings, sculptures and furniture. There u can.. Read more »
Very nice Christmas market, with a beautiful atmosphere and nice punch
The park looks amazing, a true beauty. With it's centered pond you get a clear breathtaking view of the water, the statue in it, the nature all around.. Read more »
Cozy place for a soul to rest. Also a nice kids playground.
The tour was focused primarily on the cost of the items and buildings. As an artist, I was dismayed that we were rushed through the art exhibit, which.. Read more »
A beautiful set of grounds and interior. A carriage of the 1800s is in the entrance hall. We had a short concert on the second floor, involving a sm.. Read more »
Went here for an evening concert as a trip from cruise ship. Absolutely brilliant. Well recommend it. Beautiful Palace as well.
I hiked all of Liechtenstein and then visited the Palace in Vienna. I didn’t go in, but figured it was just about the only place left of Liechtenstein.. Read more »
Amazing orchestral recital, superb Mozart, Strauss & Beethoven favourites, with excellent baritone & soprano singers, in an absolutely beautiful setti.. Read more »
Stunning, everything your expect from Vienna.. We're were there for a music recital, magical place!
Beautiful place to visit. -1 Star because you only get to see the really pretty rooms upstairs exclusively via guide.
Great place for a date! Medium sized park with lots of trees but also plenty of grass to lay out and get some sun. There is coffee to go on the premis.. Read more »
The Constant Prince – Joseph Wenzel and his art March at the Palace 1 - 31 March 2022 Prince Joseph Wenzel I of Liechtenstein (1696-1772) was one of.. Read more »
Had a beautiful experience witnessing the Palace and its splendor deeply rooted to Vienna's Hiatory. It is still owned and maintained by the family. G.. Read more »
This is one of the sweet spots in the 9th district. Quiet and calm, perfect for any season. And now, also hosting one of the coziest Xmas markets in V.. Read more »
A beautiful park. Quite and peaceful for a walk. As far as I remember there should be a cafe as well.
Lovely, quiet grounds that are intimate and don't overwhelm. Nice Heuriger featuring the prince's wines which they seek there alongside with a limite.. Read more »
Very nice. Very good place for kids! There is a complete playgroung with lots of fun stuff for children!
Lovely palace garden, wish people would not leave so much garbage behind them!
Beautiful gardens!!! It would be nice to have at least a little coffee bar
A wonderful place in the centre of Vienna. The nice park around the Liechtenstein Palace. There's also a small cafe and the children playground here.
Nice small garden. There are some benches spread out all over the park- Often used for lunch break by locals. Big playground and with seperate ball p.. Read more »
Thank you for killing the greatest bear in UE.. How about doing something useful with your title.. Or you're just here to have some fun? A truly unint.. Read more »
Just an ordinary park in Vienna, quite and relaxing.
Liechtenstein Garden Palace One of the largest Rubens collections, central works by van Dyck, Lucas Cranach and Raphael can be admired as well as work.. Read more »
Beautiful palace. Good for an afternoon sit.
Really nice and charming hidden garden, perfect while discovering the 9th district. There is also a lovely bar where to take a drink
Very nice park to chill out
Liechtenstein garden palace is a beautiful example of baroque architecture. The lush greenery does create a 1001 different ambients on a daily basis.. Read more »
Photogenically beauty, really worth a visit when you visit Vienna!
Liechtenstein garden palace is a beautiful example of baroque architecture. The lush greenery does create a 1001 different ambients on a daily basis.. Read more »
The Garden Palace of the princely family of Liechtenstein in Vienna.
Fantastic. Very peaceful place.
Beautiful place and very convenient!
Great place for resting, walks and enjoying beautifully maintained gardens.
Great place to relax on a weekend day. Lots of shade and a nice playground for the kids. I've seen the Cafe open on the opposite side of the playgroun.. Read more »
Beautiful and tranquil gardens in the heart of the city
Amazing place , if you visit Vienna don’t miss Palais Lichtenstein
A lovely park to visit. There is a cafe, a children's playground, and to s of space to walk and roam. A different beautiful view everywhere you look. .. Read more »