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Lesyna Vitalnia

Lutsk, Ukraine
5 / 4
Lesyna Vitalnia is a small memorial museum located in Lutsk, Ukraine. It is known as "Lesyna's living room" due to its cozy and intimate atmosphere. The museum consists of two rooms and showcases the life and works of Lesya Ukrainka, a renowned Ukrainian poetess. Inside the living room, visitors can imagine a young and dreamy girl sitting at a desk, writing her beautiful poem "Hope". The walls are adorned with photographs of the Kosachiv family, including Lesya Ukrainka herself and her siblings. The furniture in the museum dates back to the 19th century, providing a glimpse into the living conditions of the intelligentsia during that time period. The museum also features numerous interesting photographs of the city and its citizens from that era. The exhibits include well-preserved manuscripts, photographs, and clothing, offering a fascinating insight into the life and legacy of Lesya Ukrainka. Visitors have praised the museum for its interesting exhibits and stories, as well as its friendly and knowledgeable staff. The ticket price for entry is 30 hryvnias. Many visitors have described Lesyna Vitalnia as a cozy place that effectively conveys the atmosphere of the time period. It is considered a patriotic place, honoring the legacy of Lesya Ukrainka and her contributions to Ukrainian literature. The building itself has a rich history, having served as a rental space for an amateur theater and later becoming the home of the Kosach family. It was later adapted for use as a Polish gymnasium and a bank, before finally being recognized as an architectural monument in 1985. In more recent years, the building was entrusted to the cultural and historical reserve "Old Lutsk", which opened the memorial room dedicated to Lesya Ukrainka. Overall, Lesyna Vitalnia is described as a cozy and interesting museum that is definitely worth a visit. It provides a unique opportunity to learn about the life and works of one of Ukraine's most celebrated poets.



We really liked it!
The small memorial museum consists of only two rooms, which is why it is called "Lesyna's living room". It is very cozy and interesting here, you can .. Read more »
Great excursion
Interesting excursion. Worth visiting
A small and cozy museum, with very interesting exhibits and stories :) Thank you!
Good exposure. Beautifully preserved manuscripts, photographs, clothing. Friendly staff.
A cozy place that conveys the atmosphere of those years
Patriotic place
Anyone could rent the upper floor of the church house (the basement was occupied by the military administration), which did not slow to use the amateu.. Read more »
Cozy place. I advise you to visit.
Cozy place.