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Lemuriysʹke Ozero

4.3 / 19
"Lemuriysʹke Ozero," also known as the Pink Lake, is a unique destination located near the village of Hryhorivka. While the road to the lake can be challenging, it is well worth the effort to reach this extraordinary place. The lake itself is not very large, measuring about 30x30 meters, but it boasts stunning pink water that is incredibly salty. Visitors describe the experience as otherworldly, with a sense of weightlessness akin to being in outer space. Near the lake, there are also mud pits that are said to have medicinal properties. Many people find great joy in the process of applying the mud to their bodies and washing it off. For those seeking cool pictures, a short walk of about a kilometer to the sea is recommended, as the landscapes there are simply incredible. Travelers who visited "Lemuriysʹke Ozero" from the Nikolaev region found the road to be good overall, although there were some potholes and gravel sections to be cautious of. They also noted the presence of amenities such as showers, fresh drinking water, toilets, gazebos, and camping areas on the lake's premises. Visitors with various skin conditions reported positive effects from the lake's water and mud, with inflammations improving and ulcers healing in a matter of days. However, it is important to manage expectations as the lake's pink color may not be as vibrant as depicted in photos. Additionally, some visitors found the road to Grigorievka to be difficult to navigate, with a slow and bumpy journey. The rental of basic wooden structures for relaxation purposes was also deemed overpriced by some. Nevertheless, the overall impression of "Lemuriysʹke Ozero" is highly positive, with visitors recommending a visit to this unique and therapeutic destination. The lake's concentrated saltwater creates a buoyant experience, ideal for even non-swimmers. The landscape is described as lunar-like, with stunning views, especially during sunset. It is advisable to bring your own fresh water for rinsing off after swimming, and to wear appropriate footwear for walking on the reed-covered shore. While there are different paths to access the lake, it is recommended to avoid using Google Maps for navigation, as it may lead you to the Ukrainian-Crimean border. For those looking for the iconic pink hue, it is suggested to visit in the summer, preferably at the end of July. Overall, "Lemuriysʹke Ozero" offers a unique and unforgettable experience amidst its otherworldly landscapes and healing properties.
Address:Kherson Oblast



the road: to Chaplynka is relatively not bad, then 21 km to Grigorievka there are many holes, do not accelerate. from Grigorievka - gravel road, you can go at a speed of up to 40 km. the lake is not big: about 30x30 m, the water is really pink and ve.. Read more »
We drove from the Nikolaev region, the road is good, about 20 km. To Chaplinka there are pits and influxes are small and after 6 km. The road is covered with fine gravel, it is not fatal for a car. On the territory of the lake there are 2 showers wit.. Read more »
Well, not that pink. Expectations fell short of reality. In any case, at the beginning of August 2021, this "puddle" can hardly be called the Pink Lake, which everyone is talking about like that. Yes. Very salty. You can really lie on the w.. Read more »
There are different paths to the lake. The road leaves much to be desired, but for the sake of such a place it is worth going. Where we were, then our own people, apparently from the villages nearby, put showers and toilets. Some come to sell fruit, .. Read more »
The lake is very hot, there is no warm water, you wash off the salt in ice water (Thank you, I'm sick). For once it will go
Great place for rest and recuperation. The water in the lake is very concentrated so that people swim, even those who were born could not swim. He tested the healing properties of water and swamps on himself. I recommend to visit!
I want to highlight the accents right away. If you just want to see the Sivash - the pink sea, it is better to go from the Ivanovka side, to the Ivanovskaya spit (I also wrote a review there). Better, of course, both here and there, since these are c.. Read more »
So it was not possible to get to the water itself, reeds are growing. Accidentally drove to the border, so when you are driving, do not use the routes of Google maps, as they still designate Crimea as Ukrainian territory, Glory to Ukraine! They say i.. Read more »
The geolocation of the lake is indicated near the village of Hryhorivka, but most of the photos (especially where everything seems to be in pink) were taken elsewhere (to go further from Hryhorivka, there will be Ivanivka), so for people looking only.. Read more »
Incredible lunar landscapes, but it is better to watch it at sunset, just then the water shines with incredible colors. Swimming in the lake, feeling like you're a ball that got into the pink water and pushes you up. Emotions are hard to convey... Read more »
Were in August 2020. We drove through Grigorovka. The water was pink. I liked it very much. I highly recommend visiting.
Review of this place in the summer) Very cool place! The water in the lake is not saturated pink, slightly paler, but the hotter the brighter the color of the lake. Parking for cars is paid, there is also a shower, toilet on the territory, gazebos ar.. Read more »
What is important here is when to see these lakes. In the morning and at sunset - when they change colors in one and a half to two hours, or come in the afternoon, when the sun mercilessly burns and in front of you is just a white desert. Again, what.. Read more »
It’s a pity you can’t put a minus one star ... But it basically depends on who goes there for what purpose .. we went to show the children the beauty and unusual places of our Ukraine, but we got a huge disappointment ...there is no norma.. Read more »
good to see. don't know what to do there more than a couple of hours. windy and sunny place.
Were here in July 2020. ;) If you are looking for picturesque landscapes, go to Lake Lemuria from the village of Ivanivka. This village is located at a distance of 20 km from Grigorivka. In Ivanivka there is no horizon line - the sea merges with the .. Read more »
Were here in June 2020. I really liked: - At the entrance, after purchasing a ticket, instruct - how, where, tell a local legend (such a point can not live without fables!) - You can feel yourself on the Dead Sea, swimming in the lake. The entrance t.. Read more »
This is a great place to recuperate your health and to cure skin diseases, diseases of the locomotive organs. People come here from all over Ukraine. The lake has a pink hue, it has a hight concentration of salt, that's why water will push you o.. Read more »
A wonderful place and a must to visit even if you are not sick with anything. Such an unusual feeling when the water completely holds you, it's worth a lot! The lake itself is small, but there is enough space. The water is really pink and so sal.. Read more »