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Lavina Mall

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.1 / 96
Lavina Mall is a shopping center in Ukraine that has received rave reviews from visitors. People describe it as the best shopping center they've been to, with an abundance of amusement and entertainment options. The mall features a Galaxy park, a beautiful fountain, and impressive architecture. One of the highlights is a candy shop that adds to the overall experience. The mall is highly recommended for families with young children, as it offers a great food court and play area. It's a popular place to spend time on the weekends and keep kids entertained. Visitors also praise the size of the complex, noting the wide variety of shops available. The atmosphere is described as modern and vibrant, with friendly shopkeepers and staff. People like Henry George, a fan of Lavina Mall, consider it the number one place in Ukraine. It is known as one of the biggest malls in the country, equipped with its own indoor amusement park that includes a roller coaster. In addition to the popular shops found in other Kyiv malls, Lavina Mall also offers high-end brands and a good green grocer. The mall boasts a cinema and numerous dining options, making it a complete entertainment destination. However, some visitors have raised concerns about irresponsible security, citing incidents of lost belongings. Others feel that the mall has too many repeated brand shops and lacks uniqueness. Despite this, the mall is commended for its size and spaciousness, although the layout can be slightly confusing. The presence of a large supermarket and an Epicentre nearby is seen as a benefit. Overall, Lavina Mall is described as a perfect place to visit, with good parking facilities. It is suggested to visit on weekdays to avoid large crowds. The mall offers necessary amenities such as restrooms and wheelchair slopes, as well as many cafes and entertainment options for children. The variety of shops is appreciated, although some are considered to be fast fashion or above average price point. Parking can be a challenge on weekends, and some visitors feel that the initial concept of a central plaza with restaurants and a fountain was better. However, the mall is still regarded as a worthwhile hyper mall, although it may not be considered anything extraordinary.
Address:Vulytsya Berkovetsʹka, 6Д, Kyiv
Phone:+380 44 333 4434



THE BEST SHOPPING CENTRE IVE BEEN TO. its already gone some months since i was here, but I got never bored here. Im living in a developed country with a decent population, but ive never witnessed such amusement inside a shopping centre. Galaxy park, .. Read more »
Solid mall with a great food court and play area. Great place to burn time with young kids on the weekend.
Such a HUGE shopping complex!! So many shops to look at and quite a modern and vibrant atmosphere. All the shop keepers and staff in stores are friendly.
My name is Henry George, I love lavina mall is a good place to visit. There you see a lot of people who are having fun. To me lavina is number one place in Ukraine
One of the biggest malls in Ukraine, with its own indoor amusement Park, complete with roller coaster. Many popular shops are here, as will all the large malls in Kyiv. There is also some high end brands and a good green grocers. This place has ever.. Read more »
Irresponsible security. Left my bag by mistake in a good restaurant but never found it again. Remained lost forever. Too many repeated brand shops. I felt like this entire shopping mall is an outlet of all brands in disguise.
Very big, but spacious. Maps are slightly difficult to read and the Auchan and EpiCentre are slightly overwhelming but staff are incredibly helpful. Great selections even has a H&M Home section!
Perfect place. Parking good. And you must be ready to walk long time
It's best to visit it during weekdays - there are far fewer people this way. The place is spacious with all the necessary amenities - WCs, wheelchair slopes etc. Many cafes. Some entertainment for children. Great variety of shops, sadly most of .. Read more »
It's big, lots of shops, has h&m, has good cinema, food court forgettable, entertainment center has some selection of attractions for kids. Initial concept with big central plaza with restaurants and a fountain was better, but they got greed.. Read more »
A wonderful shopping mall, with almost all type of store that you might be looking for. There are several dining options from a quick bite to sit down. It even have an amazing indoor amusement park with a roller-coaster. The mall isn't located a.. Read more »
Loved this place. You might need a touristic guide considering how much big this shopping mall is ?. A complete package. Places to shop, to relax, to eat and discover Roller coster, bumping cars and many other activities to make your children happy a.. Read more »
Biggest mall in Kiev Ukraine and best place for shopping ,there is have a lot please for parking lot and ,I loved food section in this mall Very lovely place
the biggest mall in Kiev, it's little bet far from the City, with One of the largest entertainment Centers in Europe (Galaxy) ,a lot of dining options , wonderful place to spend a nice day with family or friends
Cool place to shoping. And u can find here same interesting place to entertainment
Super nice shopping place with BIG parking lot foodcourt. Safe and COVID-19 Proof stay safe keep a distance !
Really nice experience i had and we went to cinema and shopping there it a bit far but overall it was a great day
I’m not a huge fun of such big place, but I like that everything cleaned, I like shops and the cinema is awesome. If I want to go shopping, I chose Lavinia Mall.
I just love it there its big and spacious
All the stores you might find at a European shopping centre (Westfield's or Intu) Pull & Bear, H&M, Zara, Stratavarious, Butler, Watson (Superdrug), Mc Donald's, and plenty more that you wouldn't. Free clean toilets, and plenty.. Read more »
No maps, no pointers, no names on entrances :-(
Nice and clean shopping mall. The good thing is easy to drive and have a lot of parking place. They are many brands I love to shopping.
I just want to look at the face of that "smart" guy, who decided to close the exit near Aushan at 11 p.m., so cinema visitors have to walk around 1 km to get to their cars. Very stupid and client unfriendly decision.
Wow! What a mall. This place is huge. I think they have just about any type of store you're looking for. You can spend the entire day here and probably not visit every store. There are several nice dining options from a quick bite to sit down fo.. Read more »
Very big place. You can find here everything, every trademark. Food, clothes, decorations, furniture, dinosaurs :), entertainment. There are free buses. Very big parking for more than 5000 cars. It's the biggest shopping mall in Kiev. There are .. Read more »
1. Location: This mall is almost beyond the city borders and doesn't offer anything special to cover the distance - you can save up to two hours by just going any other mall. 2. Inside: Half of the space is still empty, rest of the shops are awk.. Read more »