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Langeron Beach

Odesa, Ukraine
4.7 / 16
Langeron Beach in Odessa is a favorite spot for witnessing mesmerizing sunrises. Although it can get crowded, if you manage to secure a sunbed in the shade, it's quite enjoyable. This beach offers everything you need for a relaxing time. During the beginning of autumn, the landscape becomes even more stunning. If the weather is too cold for swimming, you can sit on a branch or hang out at the food court. One of the highlights of Langeron Beach is its variety of cozy and affordable restaurants that serve local European and Caucasian cuisine. If you're looking for a great lunch with a splendid view, this place is the perfect match. Additionally, there is a small park with an improvised open-air free gym and concrete banks leading down to the beach. The sand is white and almost clean, but there may be amateur fishermen hindering swimming in the morning and evening. The lack of sufficient changing cabins and rusty stairs down to the water are some negative aspects. However, the positive side is the presence of beautiful ground fountains on the way to Langeron Beach, which adds to its charm. In autumn, this beach is not crowded, creating a peaceful atmosphere. Langeron Beach is also an excellent destination for an evening walk around the city. It is the first beach along the coast from the port, forming part of a series of beaches that stretch for several kilometers to the south. While Langeron Beach may be a bit narrow and lacking in sand, if it doesn't suit your taste, simply continue further down the coast to find one that does. For a cleaner and wider beach experience, TABU is a good alternative. There are also affordable private beach clubs like Bono and Ibiza in Arcadia, where you can enjoy waiter service and a more serene environment. Overall, Langeron Beach offers great kayaking opportunities, clear waters, and plenty of entertainment options nearby. The kayaking staff is friendly and helpful, ensuring a pleasant experience. However, some locals eagerly await the departure of tourists every summer.
Address:Пляж Ланжерон



Favorite place in Odessa for sunrises ?
Not bad, if you take a sunbed in shadow
Evrything for chill out
The beach at the beginning of the autumn is amazing. Beautiful landscape, you may sit on the branch if it’s cold for swimming or hang out at the food .. Read more »
Nice place a little bit crowded, but if you want to have a great lunch with a great view, this place is the perfect match. Cozy and cheap restaurants .. Read more »
There is small park with improvised open air free GYM then way down concrete bank from the hotels side and white almost clean sand from another side b.. Read more »
One of the best places for evening walk around the city!
Around the coast from the port is the first of a string of beaches that continues for a few kilometres to the south. Langeron is the easiest to get t.. Read more »
It's a great place but every summer I'm looking forward for all tourists to go home ☺
Great Kayaking, clear waters and plenty of entertainment around Kayaking staff were friendly and helpful
A perfect place to experience a full seaside joy ? they offer loungers for rent and there is a bar too
Beautiful beach. It's usually crowded, but you won't have difficulties to find a place among the rest of the towels.
One of the best shores in the city. I strictly recommend it to you if you want to separate from the crowd.
Real amazing place with Black Sea and great view of earth. Worth visiting.
Public beach, with good location , close to the aqua park. There are some good food places around. Crowded at the summer, people are everywhere, and w.. Read more »
I love this place so much, I am a medical student in Ukraine from India, when I feel bored from my studies I come here and spend my quality time, so g.. Read more »
A great place to take a walk, especially in spring - when it's already not cold outside, but still not many people on the beach.