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Kyiv Court of Appeal

Kyiv, Ukraine
2.3 / 26
The Kyiv Court of Appeal has been criticized for its alleged corruption and lack of integrity. Many individuals believe that judges in this court, such as V.A. Nezhura, have accumulated significant wealth through illicit means, including bribery and extortion. This has raised doubts about their ability to make fair and just decisions, as their personal fortunes seem to overshadow their commitment to justice. Critics argue that the court is plagued by corrupt practices, making it impossible to achieve true justice. They claim that decisions are made in favor of those who offer bribes, rather than based on the merits of the case. This has led to a lack of trust in the court system, as people feel that their rights and interests are not being adequately protected. Specific judges have been singled out for their alleged misconduct. Nataliya Valeriivna Polishchuk and Judge Melnyk have been accused of accepting bribes and making biased decisions. Judge Slyusar has been criticized for her rude behavior and unfair treatment of individuals in court. One case in particular has drawn attention to the court's apparent disregard for justice. A panel of judges consisting of Sushko, Mostova, and Sukhanova made a judgment based on non-existent evidence, despite the defendant herself denying its existence. This has led to a loss of faith in the court system and a sense of injustice among those who have experienced such proceedings. Overall, the Kyiv Court of Appeal has been described as a "corruption swamp" where personal connections and wealth hold more weight than fairness and integrity. This has raised concerns about the future of justice in Ukraine and the ability of the court system to protect the rights of its citizens.
Address:Solomianska Street, 2А, Kyiv
Phone:+380 44 284 1577



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Government agency, information service works well, without queues
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We are very grateful to the court staff for the actual messages of citizens by electronic means of communication.
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In the office for acquaintance with materials of civil cases the inadequate employee of court who is not able to behave with visitors receives.
Good on the outside. The secretary called back and reminded about the meeting. Impressed positively.
They work well under quarantine conditions.
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Good courtroom, cleanliness and order everywhere and polite staff! On the upper floors, it is not possible to get information from the monitor boards .. Read more »
Create an electronic queue for submission of documents (NSDS applications) !!!
I trust judges by 0.00%
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