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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

Vienna, Austria
4.9 / 40
The Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien is a must-visit museum in Vienna, known for its importance and stunning beauty. Visitors have praised the museum for its amazing exhibits, which include sculptures, exquisite metalwork, paintings, and even a surprising collection of Egyptian relics. The layout of the exhibits in the timeline is also commended, allowing visitors to easily explore the collections. The museum is considered a historical and architectural jewel, with its lavish setting adding to the overall experience. While the total visit duration can vary depending on one's level of passion for art, it is recommended to set aside 3 to 5 hours to fully appreciate the museum. Even for those who are not typically interested in art, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien is worth a visit simply to admire the beautiful building. The museum offers lockers where visitors can store their bags for a small fee, ensuring a hassle-free visit. The audio tour is highly recommended for a more immersive experience, and the museum staff is praised for their helpfulness. Overall, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien is described as an impressive venue that showcases masterpieces and legendary artifacts, leaving visitors in awe.
Address:Maria-Theresien-Platz, Wien
Phone:+43 1 525240



One of Vienna's giant museums in terms of importance but also beauty. I really enjoyed the collections within the museum and the layout of the exhibit.. Read more »
Really amazing exhibits in a lavish setting. Overwhelming how much skill and beauty is on display. Sculptures, exquisite metal work, paintings, and a .. Read more »
I have a fun exploring this museum. It was one that I wasn’t sure that I was going to go even with its high ratings. But it was a lot of fun to walk t.. Read more »
I am not really a big museum person, but this was a great and absolutely stunning museum! Even if you're not into art, it might still be worth a visit.. Read more »
We spent 4h in there and only managed to see one floor in real depth (1/4 of it was closed for a changing exhibit too). Definitely recommend to start .. Read more »
Great museum as a tourist. Definitely buy the audio tour when you get inside. Very convenient and easy to use for only 6 EUR. I will say it could easi.. Read more »
This place is mind blowing, it is a MUST in your visit. I recommend paying for the audio guide, they have amazing pieces. I am the kind of person that.. Read more »
Very well maintained museum with terrific self tour. The museums treasures are gorgeous and beyond plentiful, but after a while , it begins to get a .. Read more »
This museum is the first reason I visited Vienna. Spare at least half day to enjoy this great venue especially if you love Bruegel. You have to leave .. Read more »
I visited around 10am on a work day, the museum wasn't full at all. I had plenty of time and space to walk around and fully take the paintings and art.. Read more »
It was a breathtaking experience. I loved everything in that museum, from its architecture, to its beautiful artworks. Definitely do recommend you go .. Read more »
If you are in Vienna and you are interested in art history, there is something to see here. Time flies here as you meander from hall to hall and marve.. Read more »
Although I am not your usual art history aficionado I still enjoyed the 6 hours we spent there. So many beautiful and unique pieces, the building itse.. Read more »
What a breathtakingly beautiful and vast museum. The first hack you need to be aware of is that if you don’t buy your tickets online, there is a ticke.. Read more »
I recently visited the library museum in Vienna and I must say, it was an incredible experience. From the moment I walked through the doors, I was str.. Read more »
Great place that you can easily spend your whole day into. It has amazing exhibitions. The staff is very friendly and tries to accommodate you and to .. Read more »
Worth the visit and budget friendly! The museum had three themes which was a very good way to experience three different themes in a single museum. Th.. Read more »
Wow, breathtaking architecture from the moment you walk in. The building was already set in itself. We haven’t even seen the halls yet when we were gr.. Read more »
Excellent collection in a beautiful building. A little difficult to navigate, but such a great place to get “lost.” Most of the displays appear to be .. Read more »
Inside and out, this place is beautiful and full of history. The best museum I've been to so far. All the floors have exhibits. I thought I've already.. Read more »
Awesome place full of arts. One day is definitely not enough to admire all pieces of art. I loved this place and it was amazing experience being there.. Read more »
Absolute must visit if you're in Vienna, world class museum, I spent more than 6 hours there, and still felt like haven't seen everything there. The V.. Read more »
Amazingly diverse place. I don’t live in Vienna anymore, but we still go there about 2-3 times a year and visit the museum nearly every time. Here is .. Read more »
Beautiful collection of art. Lots of things to see so be prepared to do a lot of walking/standing. Conveniently right next to the natural history muse.. Read more »
Just a lovely, lovely place to visit. So much to see. Would take several trips to see and appreciate all there is. The building itself is amazing and .. Read more »
Wow!! This museum takes most of the day. We were there from 10:15am to 2:45pm with a brief cafe break and I'm certain that we did not manage to see ev.. Read more »
Incredible collections in a well organized 4-wing layout, inside a gorgeous palace with grand branching stairs, a beautiful cafe, and ornate murals (s.. Read more »
Just a wonderful museum. The last time I visited, I spent most of my time wandering through the Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities. Then a quick vi.. Read more »
One of the best museum experiences in Europe. Even if a good part of the time periods / artistic movements exhibited are not my favourite (the Alberti.. Read more »
A wonderful museum! A wide collection of paintings with some of them famous. The Egyptian and Greek antiquities are also very beautiful. You can see s.. Read more »
This is truly one of the nicest museums for art history that I know. The building is beautiful and the art collection even better. There is so much to.. Read more »
One of the best museums I’ve ever visited. The have huge collection of art and history, from renaissance paintings to ancient Egyptian & Ancient Greek.. Read more »
I'd give a 5 star rating cos it's a brilliant museum but due to rudeness of their cafe staff, I only give a 3 star. Ticket office and other staff were.. Read more »
This place is just amazing, the quality and the quantity of finds, statues, paintings is absolutely stunning! And it's quite vast, so prepare yourself.. Read more »
The Magnificence of the exterior architecture of the building is not inferior to the interior splendor of this truly Magnificent Palace of Arts. The p.. Read more »
A cultural and educational experience for all ages with ambience and setting of grand palace. The museum has audio recorded guided tours in various la.. Read more »
There is definitely some very interesting stuff to be found here! I was especially enchanted by the huge collection of historically significant painti.. Read more »
One of the best art history museums in Europe with exhibition from the ancient Egypt until Renaissance and more. Sculptures, paintings, decorative art.. Read more »
Amazing building full of amazing historical artifacts and art pieces. Many areas to sit down and relax while watching the art. Very accommodating atmo.. Read more »
Very nice museum with lots to see. If you like art, money, sculptures and ancient Egypt. The last one -ancient Egypt section was the most interesting .. Read more »
A place of pilgrimage for all art lovers. The building itself is a masterpiece, but the collection is absolutely fantastic. Titian, Caravaggio, Bruege.. Read more »
I actually really enjoyed my visit. The museum in has a nice mix of paintings and other exhibits, making it fun to go through and take it all in. Defi.. Read more »
I have limited knowledge about the art and paintings, but I am always impressed and obsessed to see these gorgeous paintings/handcraft you only known .. Read more »
The museum of art history is one of the most beautiful and fascinating museums I have ever seen. Each room itself is already a piece of art. I recomme.. Read more »
Truly magnificent building with extraordinary collection of paintings! The ancient part was fantastic as well. You probably would want to spend at lea.. Read more »
It’s huge, so prepare like maybe two hours at least for your visit. Best to come on the first day you arrive so you aren’t too tired. It is a beautifu.. Read more »
Such a lovely tour! The lady knew so much about everything she showed us and encouraged questions. She also made clear that the museum respects the cu.. Read more »
Absolutely gorgeous museum! We’re going there for the third time this week and still fee that we only scratched what it has to offer. Audio guide is v.. Read more »
Great museum we had a great time. Learned a thing or two. Just a quick tip there are separate tickets for the museum and the exhibition, make sure you.. Read more »
One of the best museums in the world for antiquities. Has a varied collection of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman art. Even the building itself is beautifu.. Read more »
This is top of every tourist guide for a simple reason. It’s excellent. The building is phenomenal and the artefacts and exhibits are amazing. My on.. Read more »
Stunning architecture and an incredible collection of art - a MUST SEE for anyone visiting the city for more than a day.
Need to be selective in what you want to focus on, audio adds a great deal to the experience, could have one which is more for children. But one of th.. Read more »
My favourite place in Vienna. The most stunning building, excellently curated exhibitions, incredibly friendly staff. Definately a place where you can.. Read more »
It's a wonderful Museum what make you feel the beautiful past art. Few hours are not enough to see it all.
Great museum. Comprehensive exhibitions. Nice time to spend with kids.
Glorious, so wonderful to be back after lockdown. One wants to embrace the entire building!
Highly recommended to visit this place .....Extremely amazing museum .....I never saw this museum in my life
For those of you who will be lucky enough to gain entry to Austria in the foreseeable future, Covid policy willing, I highly recommend this outstandin.. Read more »
Unique museum and it is a real gem. Although the exterior is certainly impressive, seems a bit modest in comparison with the magnificent interior. The.. Read more »
Whenever i visit its always an enchantment
Just amazing i spend three 4h without event listening and reading about items ,probably full tour Like 8-9h
Great collections and full of elegance.
Simply a wonderful museum! So much to see and the building itself is already stunning. Highly highly recommended when you are in Vienna
Such a pretty place! Really big! Take your time, takes up to a whole day to see and enjoy it all. Also take one audio guide with you, goes loud enough.. Read more »
Everything is so beautiful that I have no words to describe it! Ancient Egypt history is especially thrilling!
I loved the portrait room but I really wish to see more of the museum. Most of the very important rooms were closed to visitors when I visit. If you a.. Read more »
I would like to give more than 5 Stars. Absolutely magnificent!!! No words can describe what I have experienced ever. Sure that all depends what have .. Read more »