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Krakus Mound

Krakow, Poland
4.7 / 31
Krakus Mound, also known as Kopiec Kraka, is a lovely hill located in Krakow that offers a peaceful and natural setting for a nice walk. From the top of the mound, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the city. It is recommended to visit on a nice weather day to fully appreciate the experience. The climb to the top may be steep, but there is a proper path that winds around, making it more manageable. Along the lower portion of the mound, there are benches where visitors can sit and relax. However, it should be noted that this area seems to be a popular spot for locals to hang out, which unfortunately results in broken glass. Nonetheless, efforts are made to clean it up. For those interested, there is a path leading down the hill towards the cemetery, where one can continue their journey to the Liban Quarry, a filming location for part of the movie "Schindler's List." Overall, spending about an hour exploring the mound and quarry can be a worthwhile experience. The park surrounding Krakus Mound offers a great view of the city, and despite being an artificial structure, it still provides a genuine feeling of being in Krakow. Additionally, the path inside the nearby woods leads to the largest mall in Bonarka. Entrance to Krakus Mound is free, making it an accessible destination. However, it is important to consider the distance if you are a tourist with limited time, as it may not be the best option to prioritize in Krakow. But if you have the time, visiting the mound is highly recommended, as it guarantees a delightful experience. The location is easily accessible, with bus and tram stops just a 10-minute walk away for those who prefer not to walk. In addition to its scenic beauty, Krakus Mound is a perfect spot for picnics and offers opportunities for rock climbing or simply taking a walk in the adjacent forest. Families can particularly enjoy this place for some quality time or a picnic, as the sunset and overall scenic beauty are truly captivating. It is worth noting that Krakus Mound is an artificial structure dating back to ancient times. While it may take some effort to reach the mound and there may not be much else to do in the immediate area, the stunning views of the city make it a worthwhile visit. The mound can be easily reached within 15 minutes from downtown by foot, 15 minutes by taxi, or 20 minutes by tram. Overall, Krakus Mound offers a beautiful escape from the city, easily accessible and providing a serene atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.



Kopiec Kraka is this place that doesn't require wide opinion, it guards it's opinion itself. You just need to be there and feel the place 💜
Lovely hill for a nice walk in nature while visiting on Krakow. You can see the city from the top. Only recommended when the weather is nice.
View from the lower portion of krakus mound. Steep climb, but use the proper path and it will wind around and be better. There are benches on which t.. Read more »
Nice Park with a great view over the city
1) Eventhough it is artificial built small moutain The view from top is amazing. One can feel the krakow view 2) Path inside the woods leads to the bi.. Read more »
I can only recommend this place if you are looking for an accessible place with really nice views of the city. If you are a tourist short on time and .. Read more »
A beautiful sight to see and have picnic.You can also go for a walk in the small forest next to it. Or if you are interested you can go rock climbing.
A must visit place for family time out or picnic. You will love the sunset and the scenic beauty is really beautiful. Its a treat to eyes and soul.
This is an artificially built mount created in ancient times. It takes about an hour to get there walking from downtown, about 15 minutes by taxi (abo.. Read more »
Beautiful, easy 10 min walk from the tram stop. Nice escape from the city.
One of the highest hills in Krakow with an astonishing view of the city! A must visit place for the tourist, but at the same time, you can come here f.. Read more »
Great place where you can spend time relaxing and enjoyable. There are few places to make barbecue. Also you can make great videos using drone. Be car.. Read more »
Great panoramic view of the city and a unique thing to see if you're visiting Krakow Worth the walk over there and the short uphill walk to the top I .. Read more »
First place we visited after arriving in Kraków. Great view of the city, and a nice surprise of an abandoned quarry which looked surreal! Really enjoy.. Read more »
Best spot in town to see the sunset ? it's quite a walk from the city centre 2-3km. but is worthed ? it's a nice park around too, designated car park... Read more »
Nice trip We rented bikes and rode them to the foot of the hill. We walked the last couple of 100 meters and got a fantastic view of the city.
I take there every guest and they like it a lot. It's the best to show them other mounds as well. It's a nice small challenges for cyclists?
As a tourist, I would say could be disappointing, just normal view of city and nothing much to do. 15 minutes more than enough to explore it fully. If.. Read more »
Lovely spot for a picnic. You can watch a sunset and have a BBQ with some friends. Beautiful view for a whole cracow.
Nice place but there is no barrier for security. So you really have to take care when going up with children or animals. One should walk slowly.
A place with a nice view over Kraków. However, it's been getting more and more overcrowded recently. It used to be a quiet and isolated location when.. Read more »
Wonderful view from the top. Nearby there is a huge quarry with many paths so you can go for a walk and admire the nature in the middle of the city.
A wonderful place for a picnic, or just for a bit of exercise. Beautiful view of Krakow from the other side of the Vistula River. Great for the family.. Read more »
A great opportunity to walk however, like most places in Krakow, you're never far from car noise and particle pollution. The paths leading to the moun.. Read more »
Such a beautiful place with an even better view from the top. I went during the winter after a few days of snow and I can't regret. Even though it can.. Read more »
This is a very nice place surrounded by à huge Park. You can surely have a nice afternoon or a good walk and the view is awesome. You can just chill u.. Read more »
Easily within walking distance of centre and stunning views of krakow
Its not a huge crowd puller. but if you have friends and family - you can go there and do picnic.
Nice place especially after dark. Or good for daily morning walk
Nice place where you can see the whole krakow city and there is a old mine beside it which is also worth to visit.
Probably one of the best views of Krakow. Recommended for watching summer sunsets from here.
Incredible view. I'd recommend going there to catch the beautiful Krakow scenery at sunset from there to anyone visiting the city, or even to those wh.. Read more »
This place offers a good landscape view on Krakow. You can have a sit on a grass and enjoy some chill on your own or with friends. Some people are eve.. Read more »