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Kosach Family House

Lutsk, Ukraine
4.5 / 12
Kosach Family House is a historical and cultural gem in Lutsk, Ukraine. Visitors highly recommend this must-visit location, where a professional and passionate guide shares the fascinating story of the Kosach family. The museum is small but cozy, and the guide's expertise leaves a lasting impression. The house itself, although in need of restoration, still holds its charm with its two floors and unique furniture from that time period. Additionally, the house's location near a castle adds to its allure. Some visitors express a desire for more of the house to be open for tours. Despite this, the house holds historical significance as it was once the residence of renowned Ukrainian writer Lesya Ukrainka. The museum offers an excellent opportunity to learn about the Kosach family and their impact on Ukrainian history. The quiet and respectable neighborhood surrounding the house adds to its allure.



I really liked it. I'm still impressed
A must visit in Lutsk. The guide is professional and with a soul to work, an expert in his field.
Very wow, everything is super
Excellent cultural and historical location. I really liked the story of the guide?super? It is a pity that not the whole house of the Mowers is open f.. Read more »
Needs restoration, all in a very neglected form.
One of the historical places of Lutsk. Lesya Ukrainka lived here.
A cozy little museum with a competent guide. The castle is literally a few steps away.
A beautiful museum, an interesting guide. Thank you for the interesting things we learned about the Kosach family. Come to this place and together we .. Read more »
Like all prominent Ukrainians of that time, they lived quite well. The house is nothing. On two floors with a tail. Wonderful as at that time furnitur.. Read more »
The exposition is small, but the place is nice.
The house where Lesya Ukrainka lived. This year is 150 years old, exhibition. Unfortunately, now you can see only a few rooms, and during Lesia's life.. Read more »
The house in which Lesya Ukrainka lived is pretty well preserved. There is a museum inside, but it was closed and did not get inside. Lesin ash, by th.. Read more »
It was not possible to get inside due to quarantine restrictions.
The house is known for the fact that in 1890 - 1891 the family of the poetess Lesya Ukrainka lived in it. On the second floor was the office of the co.. Read more »
Old historical building