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Kodaks'ka Fortress

Dnipro, Ukraine
4.6 / 11
Kodaks'ka Fortress is a beautiful historical spot located on the banks of the Dnipro river, offering outstanding views of the surrounding nature. While not much has been preserved from its history, it still holds a certain charm and is an ideal spot for a barbecue. The fortress, built in 1635, witnessed a significant amount of violence during its existence, particularly between the Poles and Cossacks. It was decommissioned and torn down in 1711, but remnants of the star-shaped artillery fortress can still be seen today. Despite being used as a quarry in later years, the setting, earthworks, information panels, and obelisk provide a glimpse into its past. Considered one of the most important historical places in Dnipro city, the fortress of Kodak has a rich and tumultuous history. Although mostly destroyed, visitors can still find remnants of the fortress and enjoy the picturesque views it offers. It is a highly recommended destination for a day of relaxation and exploration.
Address:Dnipropetrovsk Oblast



Outstanding views on Dnipro river. Cool nature. Almost nothing saved from history.
Cool place for a bbq
Beautiful historical spot with a great river view
?❤️ but be aware of ?
Nice place to take a walk.
For a day out you could track the Dnieper River for about 20 minutes down to the remnants of a 17th-century Polish stronghold. The star-shaped artill.. Read more »
One of the most important historical places of Dnipro city. The fortress of Kodak was built as a most southern stronghold of Poland in the beginning o.. Read more »
Its nice place for rest
A nice and picturesque place to have a walk
Nice views, not to far from the city
nice road to take on bycicle on weekends