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Princely Golitsyn Castle

Gaspra, Ukraine
4.1 / 12
Princely Golitsyn Castle is a captivating architectural monument that can be described as something between a majestic castle and a melancholic ruin. The castle's facade is undeniably beautiful, although it is in need of renovation. The castle is located in Gaspra and is surrounded by a picturesque park, offering visitors a serene and refreshing atmosphere. Many families come to enjoy the park, with children running and playing while parents relax and take in the peaceful surroundings. However, the beauty of the castle is overshadowed by the fact that it has been abandoned, evoking a sense of sadness. Visitors often walk by and admire the castle from the outside, appreciating its stunning views. Adjacent to the castle is a charming park, providing visitors with ample opportunities to explore, relax, and enjoy the scenery. For those feeling adventurous, a hike up Ai-Petri, which takes approximately 2 hours from the castle, is a popular option. It is worth noting that the castle is located within the grounds of the customs service sanatorium and is currently in a state of disrepair. Efforts to restore the castle have been hindered due to financial constraints and bureaucratic inaction. Nevertheless, the castle has a rich history, having accommodated members of the royal family, revolutionary cadets, and renowned cultural figures such as Leo Tolstoy and Anton Chekhov. It is hoped that in the future, the castle and its surrounding park will be revitalized and given a new lease on life. Despite its current state, Princely Golitsyn Castle remains a place of great beauty, offering breathtaking views to all who visit. Entrance to the castle grounds is free, and the central gate serves as the main entry point, located 200 meters to the right.



Something in between an architectural monument and the ruins of the count.
Oh sooo beautiful
Facade renovation required
The place is beautiful, unique and a bit sad because of what is abandoned. If only to restore it ... We had a rest in Gaspra in the summer. In the eve.. Read more »
Very beautiful castle. They didn’t go inside, but often walked by enjoying the views.
A beautiful castle, and next to it, on the back side, a cool park, there is something to see or relax, and you can go the other way along the sunny pa.. Read more »
Just a castle. Mothers walk with prams. Small piece of flat surface.
If this is the palace that is shown in numerous photos, then it really was built by Prince Golitsyn, but later bought by Countess Panina. There is ano.. Read more »
The facade is beautiful. Inside did not have to look. But judging by the back - ruin. What an abandoned country, such and buildings
The palace is located on the territory of the sanatorium of the customs service. Abandoned condition. As far as I know, customs refuses to restore, ci.. Read more »
You have to pay for everything
Former palace of countess panina. Located within a pretty park.