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Kiev Zoo

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.2 / 18
Kiev Zoo is a fantastic urban zoo that offers affordable access for visitors. With a wide variety of animals to see, it is a great place to visit whether you are alone or with your family. The zoo boasts a diverse collection of animals, with impressive habitats for each species. The primates have their own islands complete with houses and trees, while the reptile section is home to numerous turtle, snake, lizard, and alligator species. The zoo also houses magnificent mammals such as giraffes, elephants, tigers, lions, and even gorillas and chimpanzees. Visitors can also admire elegant birds like flamingos, ravens, and birds of prey. One of the highlights of the zoo is the opportunity to feed the sheep and goats with special food, as well as purchase feed for the colorful and large koi carps near the pond. Despite initial concerns about the conditions, the zoo surprised me with its almost perfect care for the animals. While some enclosures could be larger, there were no signs of filth or malnourished animals. In fact, some of the animals, like the lions, appeared to be well-fed. It is evident that the zoo is making efforts to improve the quality of animal life by updating the enclosures. Visiting the zoo during the winter is also a unique experience, as the mammals are glossy with fat and fur, and the renovation work has improved their living conditions. The visual experience is excellent, even on gloomy days. The absence of commercial playgrounds allows children to focus on the purpose of the zoo, making it a highly recommended destination for families. As the main zoo of Ukraine, there were high expectations for Kiev Zoo. While the entry fee might seem a bit high for some, the vast variety of animals compensates for it. However, some visitors felt that the number of birds was lacking, and many animals seemed inactive and sleepy. Nevertheless, visiting in the evenings is recommended for a better experience. Overall, Kiev Zoo is a large and interesting zoological park that recently underwent renovations. The presence of cafes serving coffee and panini adds to the convenience for visitors of all ages. Whether you are a child or an adult, this zoo is a nice place to spend a day. While there are some older parts of the zoo, the well-kept animals and dedicated keepers make it a worthwhile visit. However, it is worth noting that some areas may be closed and certain animals might not be on display. Despite this, the zoo offers reasonable prices, with discounts available for children. For those who are not typically fans of zoos, Kiev Zoo still offers an enjoyable experience. Informative info boards accompany each animal enclosure, adding an educational aspect to the visit. Additionally, there are food trucks inside the zoo selling treats like ice cream and cotton candy. It is advisable to bring water when visiting the zoo. While some visitors may have had a less-than-satisfactory experience, with expectations not met and inadequate toilet conditions, others found their visit to be enjoyable. With a variety of animals to see and informative signage, Kiev Zoo can provide a fun day out for families and individuals looking to explore the animal kingdom.
Address:Peremohy Avenue, 32, Kyiv
Phone:+380 44 344 7201



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