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Khotyn fortress

Khotyn, Ukraine
4.9 / 15
The Khotyn Fortress is a stunning location that exceeds expectations. The efforts of scientists in restoring it are greatly appreciated, and the fortress is highly recommended. It is the best fortress in Ukraine with a rich and lengthy history. It is much larger than fortresses in Germany and Czech. It takes at least three hours to fully explore and appreciate all the corners and towers. The fortress itself is incredibly beautiful, and the desire to go inside is strong. Once inside, it is a truly nice and beautiful experience. The reviewer even updates their review and adds pictures after finally gaining access to the fortress after seven years. The city of Khotyn was established in 1621 and will be celebrating its 400th anniversary in 2021. The fortress has a grand and green area surrounding it, along with a beautiful cathedral nearby. However, the main attraction is the fortress itself. Its traditional European design is majestic, with a wooden drawbridge at the entrance and towering stone walls with conical towers. Inside, there is a great collection of old artifacts on display, as well as various rooms and compartments that provide insight into life in the fortress in ancient times. The lack of paid guides or audio guides is noted, and it is suggested that a tourist guide would have been helpful for better understanding the history. Despite this, the experience is described as fantastic. The only downside mentioned is that the bridge leading to the entrance is currently under repair, requiring an additional 2 km of walking. However, the place is still beautiful on its own. The fortress is one of the largest the reviewer has ever seen, with impressive walls and a location by the river surrounded by hills, making it a precious place to visit in Ukraine. The fortress is in good condition and lacks modern elements, making it suitable for historical filming even now. Some areas are closed for reconstruction, and the reviewer suggests adding signs or routes to navigate the fortress or underground areas. Overall, it is a lovely place, with the fortress well-preserved and a picturesque location. The entrance fee is 70 uah and parking costs 20. The reviewer visited after the Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle and found the view at the Khotyn Fortress to be much better. However, they note that the castle is only open until 5pm, possibly on that specific day. It is recommended as a must-see destination.
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I haven't even expected this is such a splendid location. I appreciate a lot the labor of scientists, that are restoring it step by step. Highly recom.. Read more »
Best fortress in Ukraine with great and long history. Much bigger vs I sow across Germany and Czech. 3 hours at least needed to well observe all corne.. Read more »
So beautiful fortress! I wish we went inside! And finally 7 years later we got inside, it is very nice and beautiful. So I am updating my review and a.. Read more »
Beautiful Fortress in Khotyn... The city was set up in 1621... so it's celebrating 400th anniversary in 2021... The Fortress has a grand vast and gr.. Read more »
Beautiful Fortress in Khotyn... The city was set up in 1621... so it's celebrating 400th anniversary in 2021... The Fortress has a grand vast and gr.. Read more »
The bridge is under repair and you need to walk for 2 extra km to get to the entrance, but the place is beautiful by itself
One of the biggest fortress I ever seen the dimension of the walls and the place by the river surrounded by hills make this place very precious. It's .. Read more »
Fortress is in good condition and almost without any “modern elements” so can be easily used for historical filming even now :) A little jog enough to.. Read more »
Lovely place, the fortress is well preserved, location itself is very picturesque. Entrance fee is 70 uah and parking costs 20.
Visited right after "Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle" and can say that the view is much better. Unfortunately, they keep castle opened only to 5pm (maybe, .. Read more »
If you want to meet with the history of the region, her is the best place to be. It's a place where an old commercial route was passing by and needed.. Read more »
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Massive fortress overlooking the Dnister river in Khotyn. Inside the fortress walls you can see some historical artifacts. The territory is vast and y.. Read more »
Amazing castle , picturesque view and it is well maintained. The entry price is 75 uah for local and for students it's 35 uah. Beautiful place to spen.. Read more »
One must visit this place if you come to Ukraine. It is located on the river bank. You can learn more about Ukraine's history and culture if you come.. Read more »
nice place to visit with friends ...perfect combination of history and nature
Really enjoyed hiking around the castle grounds and walking through the historical buildings.
Very beautiful and big castle. Location is very nice, just next to the river Dnister. Recommended to visit.
Worth visiting for sure! We didn’t go inside but just the hills around the castle are so great! Btw this caste is a 1000 years old...wow!
Amazing fortress! Beautiful view. Cool historical place. Spend 2 hours. Will be interest for any age.
Good place with small castle and Dnister river
Amazing place with beautiful natura around. Friendly for kids and pets. There are places where you can buy sovenirs and food, also cafe is available o.. Read more »
This place is well worth the effort of a trip if ever you are in or around Chernivtsi. It does take a long car trip to get to the place but once you a.. Read more »
Historical old Fortress Indeed! Totally worth the 6.5 hour drive from Kiev to check out the fortresses in the area of Kamianets-Podilskyi! This one wa.. Read more »