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Kherson regional art museum

Kherson, Ukraine
4.1 / 11
The Kherson Regional Art Museum is a gem in the city, housed in a luxurious building that was once the City Council. The museum is known for its stunning architecture, featuring a beautiful staircase, stucco molding, and chandeliers. It first opened its doors in 1906 and later moved to this grand mansion in 1978. In 1981, it was renamed after Aleksey Alekseevich Shovkunenko, a renowned Ukrainian painter who hailed from Kherson, after his widow generously donated his works to the museum. Visiting the museum is a treat for art enthusiasts, as it boasts an impressive collection of Shovkunenko's works, making it the most esteemed collection of his art in Ukraine. Additionally, visitors can admire the masterpieces of other well-known artists such as Aivazovsky, Polenov, Makovsky, and Pimonenko. While the 20th-century paintings didn't captivate the reviewer as much, they found great interest in the room of vases, as well as the rooms dedicated to Ukrainian and Russian icons spanning several centuries. The reviewer expresses their delight in the aesthetics and appreciates the kind gesture of receiving a well-illustrated book about the museum as a souvenir. They visited the museum in May 2021 and were thoroughly pleased with their experience. However, they also note that the museum is in need of expansion to accommodate more exhibits and make use of the currently closed areas. Despite this, the staff is described as experienced and friendly. Other reviewers also praise the museum for its smaller yet interesting collection, particularly highlighting the works of Aivazovsky. The architecture of the building is lauded for its beauty and uniqueness, making it worth a visit of around 1-1.5 hours. However, it is noted that some parts of the museum remain closed, which is deemed unfortunate. The museum is recognized as an excellent establishment for Kherson, with a decent entrance fee and benefits for children and students. However, visitors are advised to bring small change, as the museum may not have sufficient change at the checkout. The collection is described as fairly extensive, featuring paintings from the Odessa school of painting and renowned Russian artists. A special mention is given to the hall dedicated to ancient icons and porcelain vases. The museum's building itself is hailed as beautiful, with rumors of having one of the richest art funds in the region. The enthusiasm of foreign diplomats and ambassadors towards the museum is also noted, indicating its significance and value. Despite the positive reviews, there is one review that criticizes the museum for its poor customer service, mentioning a lack of change and unhelpful staff. However, this seems to be an isolated incident among the generally positive feedback. Overall, the Kherson Regional Art Museum is praised for its beauty, interesting exhibits, and its role in promoting art and culture in the region. It is considered a worthwhile destination for art lovers and those seeking to enrich their cultural experience.



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