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Kherson planetarium

Kherson, Ukraine
4.3 / 18
Kherson Planetarium is a must-visit for all ages. With an exciting program that is both interesting and informative, it offers a wonderful experience for the whole family. The New Year's program is particularly captivating, appealing to both children and adults alike. The shows, held on weekends at 13.00, create a nostalgic atmosphere and are greatly enjoyed by children. The presenter is excellent and adds to the overall enjoyment of the experience. The ticket prices are reasonable, with adult tickets costing 70 UAH. Visiting in September, we found the planetarium to be a quiet place, with only three people in the hall. The program designed for children aged 3 and above provided an introduction to the concept of space, showcasing the movement of the sun, planets, and satellites. The size comparison of the planets with our own planet was visually striking. The shows took place in a dark dome, but measures were taken to ensure that children felt comfortable and not scared. A cartoon about robots exploring the moon and sun was also shown, which was highly entertaining for my 4-year-old son. I am grateful that we have the opportunity to visit such a facility in our city. While the staff is welcoming and friendly, there is room for improvement in terms of the program and presenter. It would be beneficial to update the content, considering the wealth of information available on the internet. Unfortunately, it seems that nothing has changed in over a decade. However, the planetarium remains a valuable asset for the community. The material and technical resources of the planetarium are somewhat lacking. The star presentations are conducted in Ukrainian, while the cartoons are in Russian, which may be a disadvantage for some visitors. On a positive note, the hall is air-conditioned during the summer months, ensuring a comfortable experience for all. Unfortunately, we were disappointed by the attitude of one of the staff members who seemed more interested in promoting the website rather than engaging with visitors. It is important for the planetarium to focus on providing a welcoming and informative experience, rather than pushing visitors away. The neglected exterior of the building is also disheartening and detracts from the overall impression. Despite these shortcomings, Kherson is fortunate to have such an institution. The planetarium offers a unique and educational experience for both residents and visitors alike.



I recommend visiting! An exciting program! Very interesting and informative.
Good place for the whole family. The New Year's program will interest both children and adults. We really liked it. I recommend.
Wonderful place for the whole family.
Nostalgia. Nice shows on the weekend at 13.00. Great presenter. The children really like it. 70 UAH adult ticket.
We were in September, there were three people with us in the hall. We went to the program intended from 3 years old, at first the presenter introduced the children to the concept of space, showed how the sun and planets with satellites move in space,.. Read more »
It's good that there is. But for a long time it was possible to update both the program and the presenter. So many opportunities on the Internet! Nothing has changed in more than 10 years. It's a pity
Very nice staff, welcome to every visitor. The material and technical base is poor. The story of the stars was conducted in Ukrainian, cartoon-Russian voice acting, which is a disadvantage.
Ok ?, the kids loved it. In summer, the hall is air conditioned.
We haven't been able to attend the show yet, but a negative impression was left by a lady worker who kept sending us to look at the site. And we are here and now. Tell about yourself, do not push away. You are clearly struggling to survive. The .. Read more »
Kherson is lucky to have such an institution
A good place. The state is deplorable
The best planetarium in the world, the best attraction of Kherson !!! ?
Everything is very interesting and informative. The star hall is very beautifully decorated for the New Year !!!!!
Great place! There would be more of these. So that people at least sometimes think about being. It is a pity that it is not being restored or supported. And the local authorities generally n * er .... Why do we have all the past achievements are tryi.. Read more »
Old building, but enjoyed the show. The presenter is just super!
I was for the first time in such a place)) it was interesting, but it's more for children))
Of course, the presence of a planetarium in the city is a big plus for a variety of leisure and education for children. It's nice to see how people who work in the planetarium "burn" with their work (this is evidenced by the frequent r.. Read more »
Thank you very much for keeping the only planetarium in the south of Ukraine! I myself listened with pleasure and watched the performance, and my daughter was delighted! Some "critics" say more can be seen on the internet! Yes, but the atmo.. Read more »
Great attraction.