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Kherson fortress gate to Ochakiv

Kherson, Ukraine
4.5 / 15
The Kherson fortress gate to Ochakiv is a historic site located within the Kherson fortress. Originally, the fortress was home to various buildings such as Catherine's Cathedral, a bell tower, a governor-general's palace, a mint, an artillery arsenal, and a well. Today, the cathedral, the Moscow and Ochakov fortress gates, and the well still remain. The Ochakiv gates are particularly interesting, with their beautiful decorations and clear view of the surrounding area from the restored rampart. Despite its historical and architectural value, the gate and the entire park of Kherson Fortress appear neglected and worn out. However, it still attracts visitors, including skaters and those seeking a peaceful spot near the fountain. There are also several other historical fragments nearby from the Soviet era. One unique feature of the gate is a QR code that can be scanned to learn more about its story. Legend has it that the gate was a popular spot for people to make wishes by throwing coins into the well, hoping for their desires to come true. While the gate itself is still intact, it is closed to the public, and the surrounding area could use some restoration and maintenance. Despite this, it is still worth visiting for its historical significance and the view it offers. However, it is important to acknowledge that the neglect of such a valuable site is disappointing and should not be a source of pride.



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Cool place for skaters and people, who just want to sit near a fountain.
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A place worth seeing, I also really liked the fact that there is a curar code near the gate and by scanning you can find out the story about them??
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Historic site looks good
The gates require restoration, because their condition leaves much to be desired. You cannot go inside - they are closed. In the previous comments it .. Read more »
You can take a look once, an old and not well-groomed place
A beautiful place that has a huge tourist potential ❤️??
Well, a very nice and atmospheric place.
One of the surviving gates of the former fortress
One of the few historical monuments of Kherson.
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