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Kharkiv Zoo

Kharkiv, Ukraine
4.3 / 16
Kharkiv Zoo is a popular attraction in the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine. Over the years, the zoo has undergone significant upgrades and renovations, resulting in a more modern and clean environment. Visitors who had previously been to the zoo in 2008 noticed a huge difference and found the improvements to be highly appealing. The zoo boasts a wide variety of animals, including a majestic tiger, giraffes, meerkats, wolves, deer, and rams. It is a must-visit place for animal lovers in Kharkiv. Although some animals were sheltered due to weather conditions during the visit, the zoo is now open to the public and offers a well-constructed and well-maintained experience. While renovations are still ongoing, the zoo is already a great place for enjoyment in the city center. There are clean toilets available, as well as snack shops for refreshments. Visitors are provided with a helpful map upon entrance. Although some visitors noted that not all animals were present during their visit, they still found the design of the zoo to be impressive. The atmosphere is pleasant, with relaxing music playing in the background. However, there were some concerns about overcrowding in certain areas of the zoo, particularly in buildings housing giraffes and Australian animals. Despite the ongoing reconstruction, the zoo is highly regarded as an awesome place to visit. It is reminiscent of the EcoPark in Valencia and the staff, including guides, guards, and janitors, are commended for their dedication in making the zoo a better place. Some visitors expressed their excitement to return when the zoo is fully open to the public. It is worth noting that entry to the zoo requires a City card, which some visitors found inconvenient, as it requires providing personal information. However, the new zoo is described as impressive, with many nice installations to explore. Overall, Kharkiv Zoo is an interesting and enjoyable place to visit. The zoo's charm lies not only in the animals but also in the opportunity to take fun and memorable pictures with friends or family. Visitors are highly recommended to invite their friends from Kyiv and other countries when they visit Kharkiv.
Address:Sumska Street, 35, Kharkiv
Phone:+380 57 705 4490



First time I was there back in 2008 didn't like it much then it was preety outdated, this year i went the first time after they upgraded the park. Com.. Read more »
The place has so many animals. It felt great to see a majestic tiger roaming in a free environment and the other animals I saw included a girrafe, mee.. Read more »
Best place to visit animals.. it's now open for all.. well constructed and well maintained.. constructions are still going on..some animals were in th.. Read more »
Good place for enjoyment in the centre of city. Renovations are not fully completed,but is open for the public now. Has a wide variety of animals like.. Read more »
Most of the animals are not there so I think the opened a bit earlier than they are supposed to. But design wise, it looks great!
Great design and nice atmosphere with relaxing music on the background, some buildings with the giraffe or australian animals are too small and a lot .. Read more »
Awesome place! Reminded me EcoPark in Valencia. They are still working on reconstruction, but they are doing great job at it! Special thanks go to the.. Read more »
Not allowed without City card... Local or not, non with cash non without.. You MUST provide all private info for thé City card! Really??
New zoo is a very impressive with a lot of nice installations.
It was very interesting place!! You'd enjoy this zoo when you are with someone whom can be funny enough to take awesome pictures)) this I definitely r.. Read more »
Like to visit this place, but now close ?
there will be a beautiful zoo right in the city center
A good place to explore recommend only for animal lovers
It is closed during the reconstruction. Opening within 2 years.
Nice park and clean zoo. Good to visit with kids
Pretty nice place for a walk with children.
The place is being renovated and not opened to public now. I asked when it will be opened and was told till the work is done.
So nice place.. In spite the weather is snowy ☃