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Kharkiv Historical Museum

Kharkiv, Ukraine
4.1 / 14
The Kharkiv Historical Museum is a popular attraction in Kharkiv. Located in the city center, it offers a glimpse into the rich history of the region. The museum is compact in size and showcases various artifacts and exhibits from the 1940s onwards. However, some visitors have noted that there may be a lack of English translations, which can be a drawback for non-Ukrainian speakers. One of the unique features of the museum is the presence of British and Soviet tanks outside, including a British tank from World War 2. This has sparked curiosity among visitors, wondering how these tanks ended up here. Overall, the museum is regarded as an informative and interesting place to visit. It sheds light on the local history of Kharkiv and provides valuable insights into the past. While the museum may be small in size, it offers a comprehensive view of life in Ukraine many years ago. It is worth noting that photography may not be allowed inside the museum, which can be disappointing for some visitors. For those looking for a low-cost trip or a quick stop in Kharkiv, the museum may not be the most exciting destination. However, for history enthusiasts and those interested in learning about the city's heritage, the Kharkiv Historical Museum is a must-visit.
Address:Universytets'ka Street, 5, Kharkiv
Phone:+380 57 731 3568



I love visit that museum! Every time I am going to visit, if I am in Kharkiv. Only contra, which it has, is that there are sometimes no English transl.. Read more »
Great historical museum, with a British and Soviet tank outside... British tank is from World War 2 I believe... how did that get here?!!
There is notting to see precious. Destination of low cost trip.
Situated in the city center. Find it Interesting to visit.
This a very small museum. Contains some staff after the years 1940's. Better to find other places to visit.
Very informative museum of local Kharkiv history.
This museum is nice and has tanks outside,statues and monuments.
A museum is an historical centre. Tells a lot about the past. The past should never be forgotten. You would love what you see
Museum was good and had many things to view but we were not allowed to take pictures so that was not good
Very good place to visit. The old part of the building had been encased in glass to help protect it. The inside exhibits are very good and tell you.. Read more »
Nice place to visit and gain knowledge about Ukrainian military forces and also their cultures,to visit in evenings would be better with lights......
Nice place! There is very rare tank and beautiful statue.
Very interesting selection of exhibits.... 1 room floor was about Ukraine participating in WW2. The exhibits were translated to English and very inter.. Read more »
Good museum in the city centre if you're interested in the history of Kharkiv and the region. You need to pay 'by the floor', but the ticket cost is c.. Read more »
Good place to walk and see old history only for couple of times, but very hot and unconvinient during summer season around