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Keret House

Warsaw, Poland
4 / 5
Keret House is a unique and creative place located between 2 streets, Chłodna 22 and Żelazna 74, in Warsaw. This extremely narrow building, although not open for visitors, has gained popularity for its innovative concept. It is not a typical tourist attraction and does not have a surrounding area worth noting. Access to the house can be challenging due to the presence of parked cars in front of the building. For those who are not claustrophobic, it is interesting to wonder how such a small house can accommodate furniture and living essentials. While it was not possible to visit the interior, capturing a picture outside did not elicit any surprise or unique experience. Despite not being able to enter, it is clear that the concept of Keret House is lovely and creative. It offers the opportunity to rent the place for a weekend, providing a quiet and charming location close to the center of Warsaw. Wola, the neighborhood where Keret House is located, is known for its interesting attractions and is definitely worth exploring while visiting the capital of Poland. Overall, Keret House is considered a must-see for its uniqueness and creative design.
Address:Żelazna 74, Warszawa
Phone:+48 22 826 27 53



Although it seems popular, there is nothing to see at the end of the day. Because you cannot visit, even hard to notice , neither a tourist attraction.. Read more »
This is one extremely narrow building. Nothing for claustrophobic people... 🤔🤣
Just curious how small of the house & how furniture fit it. Take picture outside, didn't manage visit inside of the house. Feel nothing suprised.
Unfortunately we couldn’t go in as there were no opening hours online but lovely concept! So creative!
Smaller house in The World. 🙂 Creative place of writer Edward Keret between 2street s Chłodna 22 and Żelazna 74. Loved The idea of renting The place f.. Read more »