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Vienna, Austria
4.5 / 53
Karlskirche is a stunning church located in Vienna, Austria. It is a popular destination for those interested in music, as it hosts musical orchestras and concerts. The church is grand in size, larger than other churches in the city like St. Peter's Church. Its exterior features a beautiful fountain, which creates mesmerizing reflections of the church during the day. However, at night, the lack of lighting makes it difficult to see the surroundings. Inside, the church is bright and heavily decorated with golden motifs and brown stones, showcasing a Baroque style. The architecture of the interior is mind-boggling and is truly breathtaking. Ornate paintings and decorations adorn all sides of the church, making it a visual feast. The location of Karlskirche is very convenient, as it is situated near the Karlsplatz U-Bahn station and is easily accessible by bus, tram, and other means of public transport. It is a must-visit in Vienna for its remarkable architecture. The entry fee for Karlskirche is €10, which some visitors find to be expensive. However, the panoramic view of the Vienna skyline from the viewing platform makes it worth the price. Taking a casual stroll around the church is also recommended. Many visitors are in awe of the church's beauty, with some describing it as stunning, mesmerizing, and spectacular. The balcony overlooking the city offers a lovely view, and the proximity to the organ allows for an up-close experience. However, some feel that the entrance fee is too high and suggest offering senior discounts. From an architectural perspective, Karlskirche is interesting and unique. Its central plant and impressive cupola make it a standout example of Baroque architecture. Visitors also appreciate the relaxing atmosphere around the church. The pond in front of it provides a mesmerizing reflection, and there are seats and a coffee shop where people can relax and enjoy the surroundings. Some even recommend staying until 6 pm to hear the church bells ringing and attending a concert inside. The historical significance of Karlskirche is also noteworthy. It was built in the early 18th century by Emperor Charles VI as a vow to Saint Charles Borromeo to protect the city from the plague. It is considered a masterpiece of Baroque architecture and is one of the most important sacred buildings in Central Europe. Overall, Karlskirche is a captivating and beautiful church that offers a unique and memorable experience for visitors. Its architectural beauty, historical significance, and relaxing atmosphere make it a must-visit destination in Vienna.
Address:Karlskirche, Karlsplatz 10, Wien
Phone:+43 1 5046187



We went to the church to attend a musical orchestra. Arrived there before time, took our tickets and spend the time walking around the church. The siz.. Read more »
Truly breathtaking church. The views from the viewing platform aren't that good to be truthful but the architecture of the interior is mind boggling. .. Read more »
Very near to Karlsplatz U Bahn station, accessible by Bus ,tram and all means of public transport. It is a must visit in Vienna for its architecture. .. Read more »
Absolutely stunning. More magnificent up front. We also went to a Vivaldi consort. Magnificent building. Truly spectacular. Nice sitting area outside .. Read more »
Gorgeous 5 star church with lovely balcony overlooking the city. Interior takes your breath away and it’s near that you can get so close to the organ... Read more »
Nice, somewhat impressive, but excessively expensive. Up to 10 € for an adult is to much and the possibility to see the panorama from the roof is not .. Read more »
AMAZING place in vienna. Mesmerising view of the church as it reflects on the pond in front of it. It's a must visit during day as well as night. I lo.. Read more »
Went to see Vivaldi four seasons at Karl’s Church. Amazing. Chose the front section and it was well worth it. Get there at least 30 mins before as sea.. Read more »
It is a very old and historical church. It was built in the early 18th century by Emperor Charles VI, who made a vow to build a church dedicated to Sa.. Read more »
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You cannot miss this spot. It's must to visit attraction. We visited during spring and got opportunity to see many tulips. The famous shopping street .. Read more »
What an amazing church. You have to pay entrance fee. The panorama few with the elevator is unique and just till 2.11.22 there. It’s worth it. I reall.. Read more »
There aren't many churches that I've come across that you have to pay to get in. However from what I can remember, the cost for admission wasn't too b.. Read more »
I am not going to lie: entering this church feels like entering heaven. We went there close to the opening so there was nearly nobody and it might be .. Read more »
I didn't ever, just sat outside near the pond. It was so hot that people was daring to refresh themselves there. It's a beautiful church with a reall.. Read more »
It is a beautiful church but we visited on a Sunday and were met with the grossest music I’ve heard. Heavy dark techno which might have been fine anyw.. Read more »
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I was positively impressed. The church is beautiful from outside. The water mirror in front add an especial vibe and the square gets lively during the.. Read more »
Beautiful church I was on a concert inside and it was magnificent. Facts about the church: Widely considered the most outstanding baroque church in V.. Read more »
Very beautiful and unusual church. Also, it is allowed to go under the roof and see a lot of details there. Totally recommend to visit.
Vivaldi's Four Seasons in a Baroque church near the centre of Vienna? Yes, please. Very good acoustics and welcoming staff. As it was cold they even p.. Read more »
There is scaffolding with an elevator inside the church. It was used for restoration, but now you can take it up close to the ceiling and see more det.. Read more »
A very beautiful church.It is most impressive and not at all crowdy.You have to buy a ticket in order to enter the church, but it is strongly recommen.. Read more »
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A Roman Catholic Church in Vienna. Baroque and Rococo architectural style, since the early of the 1700s. The design is unique as well as the architec.. Read more »
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A very nice place and park to hang out. I was there in summer so some food vans were there, people hanging out. In the night there are A LOT of people.. Read more »
This place is beautiful and alive all day long. However you must know that this place may clause at 18h but the entrance will close a little bit befor.. Read more »
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Amazing place to chill, food truck and supermarket close by if you want to enjoy a lunch looking at the beautiful architecture. I totally recommend **.. Read more »
An imposing church built to remember the passing of the last great plague epidemic in Vienna. The church is a large one, visible from afar. It has tw.. Read more »
Peaceful and beautiful. Very good view. Nice place to have a drink with friends or loved one.
Huge church with beautiful architecture. The water in the fountain outside was very dirty though. So was the pathway all around the church. It could'v.. Read more »
Impressive building for sure. But the only church we visited in Vienna that charged to enter. And the only place that wasn't clean and orderly around .. Read more »
A wonderful sight to behold, and a perfect spot for coffee and lunch on a warm day, especially if you are studying at TU! Make you also check out the .. Read more »
It's a wonderful place to visit. There is a very nice vibe in the area, people hanging out, admiring the surroundings and having a good time. The cur.. Read more »
You should pay to visit a church. Bunch of catholic rip offs. Read the bible. The Temple was to be a house of prayer, not a house of concession stan.. Read more »
Stuning piece of architecture, inside out. It is wort to visit. It will make your head dizzy. Jus Stunning same as all Vienna
Nice little church great view and nice places to relax around, you can take the U1 to Stefan platz and enjoy there
This place is so, like extraordinary and magical. Magnificent.
Amazing space! Take the elevator to the top and see the paintings up close.
This places Is angelland. Thats very good.
Amazing place both exterior and interior. It was a refreshing experience sitting outside and enjoying sun..
Stunning place, we got there by luck. Also if you are lucky, like us, there will be a ceremony(not sure if this is the correct word). It has beautiful.. Read more »
I was lucky to visit the church when there weren't that many people around. It was peaceful and quiet,and I enjoyed that quality time. It's a stunning.. Read more »
Was lucky enogh to visit the church when it was almost empty had a wonderful time it was so calm and peaceful. Beautifully renovated and clean - not l.. Read more »
Such a beautiful place. Best seen at night with people sitting all around the lake and lights reflecting.
Nice to sit outside near the pool. Since it’s very close to Wien Technical University, you can see students every time.
Nice to see outside. Outrageous the concept of paying min. 12 eur to entry a church. It's not a museum people, visiting a religious place shouldn't be.. Read more »
Great Church. Interesting history. Fantastic artwork. It seems that many young people meet up there at night.
Nice interior and exterior, but the neighborhood a little bit dirty
The church is ok, but the surrounding park is full with graffities, neglected.
Personally, I found this one of the best churches in Vienna, even better than the cathedral in some aspects. When we visited it, there was an art inst.. Read more »
Impressive church that was built as the result of a vow taken by Emperor Charles VI during a plague epidemic. The church is consecrated to the patron .. Read more »
It is absolutely mind-blowing. The architecture is so interesting and the interior is a paean to rococo decorations. The square in front is a great ga.. Read more »
A surprisingly lively place to go for a drink in the afternoon or evening. Often you can find musicians and good vibes here, and there's a small bar w.. Read more »