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Jvari Monastery of Mtskheta

Tbilisi, Georgia
4.7 / 42
The Jvari Monastery of Mtskheta is an absolutely stunning place that should not be missed on a visit to Georgia. This sixth-century Georgian Orthodox monastery is a rare architectural marvel that has remained almost unchanged over the centuries. The monastery is surrounded by green fields where horses graze, and it offers a beautiful view where two rivers meet. It is a must-visit destination for both history enthusiasts and photographers. One of the best things about this monastery is that it is free to enter, so you don't need to buy tickets. Additionally, there is a huge parking space available for visitors. When I visited this mesmerizing spot, I was blown away by the panoramic vistas of Mtskheta village, the flowing Kura River, and the international road along the riverbank. The climb to the hilltop was worth the effort, and the monastery itself is an awe-inspiring sight with its stunning architecture. The peaceful atmosphere adds to the overall experience. For the best experience, I recommend visiting early in the morning to beat the crowds and fully immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings. This visit will undoubtedly be a standout moment of your trip to Georgia. It is believed that the Jvari Monastery was built in the 5th century, making it a remarkable structure with a long history. During my visit, I noticed that the monastery was undergoing maintenance by professionals, which is a testament to its importance and preservation. Overall, my visit to the Jvari Monastery was a highlight of my trip to Georgia. The combination of its historical significance, stunning views, and serene atmosphere make it a must-see destination. Whether you have a car or need to take a taxi, I highly recommend making the journey to this amazing monastery.
Address:RPQM+C79, Mtskheta
Phone:+995 555 34 64 38



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Amazing place, sixth-century Georgian Orthodox monastery, with a beautiful panoramic view of Mtskheta. Definitely worth the visit!
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Great location on top of a hill with amazing views all around. The monastery is small overall. Its for male priest living here
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The monastery is located atop a large hill which opens to a beautiful view of 2 rivers flowing into each other. The sight of the mountain on one side .. Read more »
Amazing must do, out of Tbilisi (20 km) . One of most antique churches in the country. Good views on the village. The best view of the church is from .. Read more »
Pretty cool, worth a visit. Try and go early to avoid crowds. The drive from Tbilisi takes about 30 minutes.
Beautiful! The view, inside the church and the surrounding history was a very nice experience. Our guide was making sure we got the history and unders.. Read more »
Serene place. Mind refreshing experience. Met a photographer who sells fridge magnet with our picture costs 10 gel for one. We bought 3 for 20 gel.
One of the most spiritual places in Georgia. The energy of this place is amazing. You must visit here. And it's best to do it at sunrise or sunset... Read more »
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Great views from the top. Highly recommended ?
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Such a beautiful view from up here. Amazing to see the two rivers meeting. The monastery is typical, no info available in English on the significance,.. Read more »
The Jhvari monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is located just 15 minutes drive by car/taxi from Tbilisi. Situated on top of a hill, overlo.. Read more »
Nice old church. Very windy the time we visited. Enjoy the view of the two lakes join a a point. One of the popular tourist spot. Every one can enjoy... Read more »
A historic world heritage site with an amazing view A quick stop on the way to Mtskheta, which is the old capital of Georgia. The Monastery was built .. Read more »
The view over there is stunning, you can take panoramic photos of the view. Highly recommended for those who love high spots.
We all know that you want to see the view from the top. What are you waiting for ? (Access the place by getting a cab (they usually use a set price),.. Read more »
Great church and The best plase
One of the best places i have ever visited.
A peaceful place to worship and pray! Well maintained place for both locals and tourists! Amazing view of the river MtSkheta town!
A wonderful mistic place, landscape of the old city, the rivers. The church is Unesco patrimony. To not be missed
It's very challenge to walk up to the hill because it's extremely windy. The ancient chrurch is very remarkable due to its construction, architecture .. Read more »
Gorgeous view of Mtskheta and Svetitskhoveli from Jvari monastery.
Great and beautiful place ??
Nice place to visit. Beautiful scenery.
Beautiful. Drive past this all the time for day trips, finally got to visit. Can only imagine what sunrise/sunset would be like