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Jing'an Temple

Shanghai, China
4.5 / 27
Jing'an Temple is an impressive and beautiful Buddhist temple located in the heart of Shanghai's bustling Jing'an district. The temple's architecture and ornaments are truly stunning, especially to those who are not familiar with Buddhist temples. If you haven't had the chance to visit other temples in Shanghai, I highly recommend stopping by Jing'an Temple if you're in the area. One unique feature of visiting the temple is that the entrance ticket includes a cup of tea and a snack, which is a nice bonus. However, it's worth noting that the ticket price can be a bit expensive at 50 CNY. If you're not a devout Buddhist, it may not be necessary to enter the temple itself. Simply strolling around the outside can provide a fulfilling experience. Inside the temple, you'll find golden paintings everywhere, creating a truly magical atmosphere. The temple is relatively small, but it is well-kept and you may even have the chance to witness monks performing rituals. One downside is that there are no signs or descriptions to explain the history of different parts of the temple, which can be a bit disappointing for those seeking more context. Surrounding the temple, you'll notice the modern expansions of the city, which can interrupt the traditional beauty of the temple itself. However, this blend of old and new showcases the ever-changing nature of Shanghai and adds an interesting element to the overall experience. If you prefer to visit the temple as part of a tour, I highly recommend doing so. It can enhance your understanding of the temple's significance and provide a more fulfilling experience overall. Regardless of how you choose to visit, Jing'an Temple is a special place filled with reverence, spirituality, and a deep connection to the cultural and spiritual heritage of Shanghai.
Address:1686 Nan Jing Xi Lu, Jing An Qu
Phone:+86 21 6256 6366



Impressive temple, with interesting architecture and ornaments, at least in the eyes of a foreigner like me. If you haven't already been to other Budd.. Read more »
The temple is not so big , but the entrance ticket expensive , 50 CNY. If you are not a devout Buddhist, not recommend entry, just stroll around the o.. Read more »
The temple is very nice with golden painting everywhere, tickets are relatively cheap, we went in the afternoon and it yeah was crowded but no wait ti.. Read more »
Jing'an Temple holds a special place in my heart every time I visit Shanghai. Despite the bustling atmosphere filled with devoted worshipers, the temp.. Read more »
Realy nice location to see some local culture, and to spend a few hours. We come back the second day 😉
We haven't bought a ticket to go inside, a temple shouldn't sell ticket to tourist!
Fantastic temple that has also been modernized. Pretty much the crown of Shanghai as a location, even the busy and central metro station is named afte.. Read more »
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A magnificent temple in the heart of Shanghai...
Nice temple in the hearth of Jing'an district. However, it feels a bit fake as it was rebuilt in 1983/2010 and they didn't hide the construction well,.. Read more »
Like so much of Shanghai, this place feels warm en welcoming despite the crowds.
Such a beautiful Temple!! Absolutely amazing experience!
Nice place to See and feel Chinese culture
Beautiful temple area located on top of the Metro's Line 2 Jing'An Metro station and a 3 minute walk from Bus 71 (Yan'an Rd express). The history of .. Read more »
the temple is soo beautiful, best ive seen in china (fyi i havnt seen many temples) most of the works have been done in recent times to maintain the b.. Read more »
A city temple which is easy to reach!!!
amazing temple.Always a pleasure to visit it again
Located at the end of Nanjing West road, it is the perfect place to end a long walk started at the Bund. Inside, huge Buddha statues (not hard to find.. Read more »
Historical ground of Shanghai. Although it may get crowded sometimes, a great place to get the feelings of the culture of China.
Good spot for a tourist. Great to look at afar as well. Massive temple
Extraorinary experience, visiting this peacefull place in the middle of buildings and concrete environment. There is a lot of activity, monks praying .. Read more »
Great mix of the old and new. Unfortunately I think it's overpriced entrance ticket for a temple. But great vibe around the area
A must-go in Shanghai, to see the architecture and worship for your good health, prosperity and love.
I was surprised to see that the temple was built within the city. Still a great place to relax and have a mindful time to yourself.
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A temple that with lots of commercial shops on its premises. Entrance fee is 50 yuan per adult, have to pay in cash. Opens from 7.30am to 5pm daily. L.. Read more »