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Jewish Cemetery

Chernivtsi, Ukraine
4.4 / 13
The Jewish Cemetery is an atmospheric place that holds a significant historical value. While it may appear a little neglected, it is promising to see that restoration efforts are underway. This cemetery is home to monuments honoring individuals who were born in the 17th century. If you venture to the end of the cemetery, you will be rewarded with a captivating view of the city. One of the notable aspects of this cemetery is its safety, as there are no homeless individuals present. Additionally, there is a Christian cemetery nearby that boasts interesting monuments and crypts, which are meticulously maintained. While the feedback received suggests that the Jewish Cemetery is in need of some cleaning and attention, it is still a beautiful old cemetery that can be explored like a museum. It is steeped in history, serving as the final resting place for many individuals who played significant roles in the development of Chernivtsi. Despite its neglected state, the cemetery exudes a unique atmosphere and texture that is worth experiencing. Although volunteers may struggle to keep up with the maintenance, the cemetery is adorned with numerous beautiful ancient monuments. It is unfortunate that the administration seems to be lacking in their responsibility to preserve this historical site. Visiting the Jewish Cemetery is highly recommended by those who have experienced its atmospheric charm. Despite its neglected state, the cemetery holds great importance in the history of the Jewish people and the development of Chernivtsi. Notably, the large Rotunda building within the cemetery showcases unique construction technology, with its roof frame made entirely of reinforced concrete, standing as a testament to its endurance throughout the years.
Address:Zelena Street, 13, Chernivtsi



Atmospheric place. A little neglected, but it seems that they are going to restore it. You can find monuments of people who were born in the 17th year.. Read more »
A beautiful old cemetery. It can be visited as a museum. But it is unkempt like everything else in Chernivtsi
The place is steeped in history, but, unfortunately, quite neglected.
It's so beautiful , unfortunately it needs to clean little ,but it's was nice to walk there
Abandoned, neglected, old cemetery, but very atmospheric.
Unfortunately, it is very running. Volunteers do not have time to clean everything. Where is the administration? There are many beautiful ancient monu.. Read more »
Very atmospheric and textured necropolis. Highly recommend
Jewish cemetery. Very run.
I advise you to visit the place where people who are involved in the history and development of Chernivtsi are buried. The cemetery is impressive
The Jewish cemetery as the history of the Jewish people. It used to be a shame and representatives of rich families from Chernivtsi were buried here. .. Read more »
It will be interesting to wander among the tombstones. Unfortunately, they don’t look after the cemetery. Monuments are crumbling, overgrowing.
a beautiful place, there is where to walk, most of the crypts and graves were built at the beginning of the XX century. There is a Jewish burial place.. Read more »
It's beautiful, crowded, and old. A wide variety of memorials, some large, some small. A variety of languages used.
The Jewish synagogue, the kaddish house and the cemetery - very beautiful place but completely forgotten, unfortunately... It deserves a better future.. Read more »