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Jesuit Monastery (State Archives of Vinnytsia region)

Vinnytsia, Ukraine
4.7 / 9
Jesuit Monastery, also known as the State Archives of Vinnytsia region, is a well-groomed and beautiful monastery located in the city. It is the oldest brick monument in the area and dates back to the XVII century, surviving through wars and historical events. The monastery is a impressive defensive structure with thick walls, which still stand strong today. It has become a popular architectural and tourist attraction in the city, with many secrets and stories hidden within its walls. Inside the monastery, there is a functioning church that attracts a lot of people during religious holidays. The monastery is built in the Baroque style, captivating any lover of architecture. As the oldest building in Vinnytsia, it is definitely worth a visit, especially since there are many other beautiful houses and temples nearby. Although there may not be obvious signs emphasizing its historic significance, the Jesuit Monastery stands as a testament to the city's rich history. The building, constructed in the style of a feudal fortress, is part of a larger ensemble that includes a church, collegium, and convection. It is also home to the regional archive and is connected to the complex of Moors. The monastery has been nicely renovated on the outside, adding to its overall charm. Overall, it is a highly recommended place to visit.



A nice well-groomed monastery, I liked it
Beautiful monastery ❤️??
The oldest brick monument in the city. The thickness of the walls is impressive. It happened in the XVII century during the turbulent times of wars an.. Read more »
very beautiful place which is located in the center of proud. The magnificence of its beauty is not inferior to the cathedrals in Poland. Inside the m.. Read more »
The oldest building in Vinnytsia. It is worth a look, besides, there are many beautiful houses and temples nearby.
Such a building and no conspicuous pointer, no emphasis on "historicity" ..... but in Vinnitsa so everywhere ....
Jesuit Monastery - The building was built in the 17th century on the example of a feudal fortress. Subsequently, the ensemble of the monastery was bui.. Read more »
So beautiful place. Recommended for visiting.
Nicely renovated outside