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Jesuit College

Lutsk, Ukraine
4.7 / 3
Jesuit College is a prestigious educational institution situated near the cathedral. It boasts a cool and comfortable learning environment, even during the hot summer months. The college offers a dining room where students can enjoy a delicious and affordable meal consisting of soup, buckwheat with a cutlet, salad, and tea for only 30 UAH. The kitchen facilities are top-notch, ensuring that students have access to a high-quality culinary experience. Additionally, the college is located in the historic section of the old city, providing a beautiful and culturally rich atmosphere for learning. As someone who has personally studied at Jesuit College, I highly recommend it as a fantastic place for education.



Room for tuition The institution is located near the cathedral. The old room here is cool therefore even in the summer. There is a dining room, where.. Read more »
The historic part of the old city.
I studied here)