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Ivano-Frankivsʹka Ratusha

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
4.5 / 15
Ivano-Frankivsʹka Ratusha is the City Hall of Ivano-Frankivsk, a city known for its vibrant life and rich culture. The building itself is not very tall, allowing for a picturesque view of the city from the top of the tower. It is recommended to visit during weekdays for a more relaxed experience. During the First World War, the City Hall suffered severe damage and had to be dismantled, leaving the city without a town hall for several years. It was reconstructed in 1934, with interior finishing work completed in 1939. The town hall as it stands today is a 47-meter tower with a dome. Since 1956, it has housed the Ivano-Frankivsk Museum of Local Lore, which regularly hosts various exhibitions. The museum offers a glimpse into Ukrainian history, culture, and traditions. Visitors can also climb up the tower to enjoy a panoramic view of the entire city. The exhibitions inside the museum are both interesting and beautifully presented. However, the building itself is quite old and may have a musty smell. It would greatly benefit from support and investment from the city. Despite its external appearance, the museum is highly recommended for its informative and captivating exhibitions. While the climb to the top may be challenging, the view from there is worth it. Overall, Ivano-Frankivsʹka Ratusha is a must-visit destination in Ivano-Frankivsk, offering a unique cultural and historical experience.



City of the the city with a lot of life and culture in it. There are not many tall buildings there, so the view from the City Hall tower will be just .. Read more »
During the First Word War, the building suffered such severe damage that it had to bedismanteled.For several years the city lived without a town hal.. Read more »
Nice little museum. Building kinda old and has musty smell. Definitely would benefit from city support investment.
A museum in the old City Hall where you can learn many things about the Ucranian history, culture and traditions. More than that, you can climb up hig.. Read more »
It's exciting to see the city from the top( must vist ). Always surrounded by people which reminds of joy .
Very interesting and beautiful exhibitions inside. Highly recommend!
Nice view of the city, but hard to climb on top ??
A bit of a disappointment from the outside, but that's a good museum. Also you could go all the way up on this and see the whole town.
Best city to visit. Not expensive, calm and buitiful.
Nice, pretty quiet and peaceful city! Even though I had the feeling consuming alcohol is more common by youth here than in other cities in Ukraine...
Nice city hall build in 1930s. You can climb to the very top to see the city landscapes. Note though that the higher you climb, the narrower the stair.. Read more »
I liked everything the architecture, the small streets, the little cafes. But, there was this one guy in red briefs who would take bath in public foun.. Read more »
A must place to visit when in Ivano Frankivsk. Go upstairs (entrance costs 20 hruvnya) and have a view of the city. Pay attention it has many stairs a.. Read more »
Amazing place, a lot of culture-related exhibitions, great variety of them. Amazing sight from the tower, you can see mountains from there! Very nice .. Read more »
It is only 20 to get access to the viewing deck near the top. It is worth going up as you get nice views of the surrounding old city. It shouldn't ta.. Read more »
Most unique looking city hall I've seen in Ukraine. The only city hall in Ukraine to be topped by a gold dome. Inside there is a museum and/or you can.. Read more »