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Ivan Mazepa Monument

Chernihiv, Ukraine
4.9 / 7
The Ivan Mazepa Monument is a bronze bust of the prominent Ukrainian hetman, Ivan Stepanovich Mazepa. It is mounted on a white marble column and located near the Chernigov Collegium. The monument was erected in 2009 and features Mazepa's coat of arms attached to the column. The bust itself is rather dark in appearance. Opinions about the monument are mixed, with some finding the location beautiful but not particularly liking the bust. The monument was opened on August 21, 2009, just days before the official opening ceremony on Ukraine's Independence Day. Despite the solemnity of the occasion, the monument has faced vandalism attempts in the past. The sculptor of the monument is G. A. Ershov, and the architect is V. V. Pavlenko. It is considered one of the youngest sights in Chernihiv. While the execution of the monument is successful, there are some who believe it could have been placed in a different location, away from the monuments of the Kievan Rus era.
Address:Preobrazhens'ka Street, 6, Chernihiv



A small bronze bust of Mazepa next to the collegium was erected in 2009 with his coat of arms on a marble column, which caused a mixed reaction from t.. Read more »
Bronze bust of Hetman I. Mazepa, mounted on a column. Located near the building of the collegium. The bust itself is rather dark
The place is beautiful, I don't really like the bust, but it will do.
Bronze bust of the hetman I. Mazepa on a white marble column, to which the coat of arms of Mazepa is attached. The monument is erected near the Cherni.. Read more »
beautiful place, fotala + -5m in winter
This bust IS. Mazepa, installed near the Chernigov Collegium.
The monument to the prominent Ukrainian hetman Ivan Stepanovich Mazepa was solemnly, but not publicly, opened on the evening of August 21, 2009, on th.. Read more »
One of the youngest sights in Chernihiv
The monument was executed successfully, but it may have been placed in a different location, not near the monuments of the times of Kievan Rus.