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International Airport "Uzhhorod"

Uzhgorod, Ukraine
3.1 / 18
Uzhhorod International Airport, located on a picturesque mountain, offers a stunning view of the horizon. Particularly beautiful at night, this airport holds promise for future passenger flights over Ukraine. The city itself is highly enjoyable, though it does have its shortcomings, such as broken sidewalks and a lack of electric transport. However, there are many positive aspects to appreciate. Unfortunately, the airport experience can be frustrating, as some visitors have had to remove their glasses to pass through security. This is an issue that needs to be addressed for the comfort and convenience of all passengers. Additionally, there have been complaints about the employees' tone of conversation, which is unacceptable for an international airport. The condition of the building leaves much to be desired and is in need of improvement. Despite these challenges, there have been recent developments to enhance the airport's capabilities. An agreement was signed with Slovakia in 2020 to allow the use of their airspace for takeoffs and landings, and the runway was expanded a year prior to accommodate larger aircraft. In 2021, regular flights were launched to and from Kiev, with plans for future destinations such as Odessa, Kharkov, and Dnipro. A significant reconstruction of the apron and taxiway has also taken place, with plans for further improvements to the main terminal. With the new administration, the aviation industry in Ukraine has seen a resurgence, offering hope for the development of air traffic within the country. However, at present, Uzhhorod Airport remains an outdated Soviet terminal with limited flights only to Kiev. While it is convenient for those traveling from the capital, the condition of the buildings is unsatisfactory, resembling temporary solutions rather than permanent structures. The presence of a chapel and a square without benches further highlights the need for aesthetic improvements. Despite the airport's limitations, there are plans for a new passenger terminal and the launch of international flights, although these are currently only on paper. It is important to note that the city itself has suffered from issues such as dirty and broken roads, as well as the destruction of its historical center. As of now, the airport's operations are limited, and improvements are necessary to provide better service and a more pleasant experience for passengers.
Address:Sobranets'ka Street, 145, Uzhhorod
Phone:+380 312 642 871



The view was very beautiful, standing on the mountain and looking at the horizon, and this particular place was perfectly visible, I liked how it look.. Read more »
Great city. I liked it very much. Unless the sidewalks are very broken and there is no electric transport. The rest are pluses!
An airport in which a person with poor eyesight is forced to take off his glasses and walk without them in order to enlighten these glasses on the tap.. Read more »
Change employees who take calls а "but yes,… I'm listening to you". Firstly, the law on language has been in force in Ukraine for a long time, and sec.. Read more »
The condition of the building is sad
In the summer of 2020, Ukraine and Slovakia signed an agreement on the possibility of using the airspace of Slovakia for takeoff and landing. A year e.. Read more »
It is super convenient to fly from the capital. The condition of the buildings is terrible. A chapel has been built on the territory of the parking lo.. Read more »
In the summer of 2020, Ukraine and Slovakia signed an agreement on the possibility of using the airspace of Slovakia for takeoff and landing. A year e.. Read more »
Dirty, broken roads, destroyed the historical center of the city.
Does not work. Long.
People keep saying that this airport has no flights. That's not true. Three times a week there's flights to and from Kiev on Motor Sich, a commercial .. Read more »
In the summer of 2020, Ukraine and Slovakia signed an agreement on the possibility of using Slovakian airspace for landing aircraft. In 2018, the runw.. Read more »
Great potential, but not much realization. So far, it only serves the President and government boards, humanitarian programs, and oligarchs' charters.
A small international airport in the city of Uzhhorod, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine. It is unique in that planes take off and land through Slovak a.. Read more »
give it back to Slovakia and will see fast change and recovery...
The airport is not bad in principle, does not accept regular flights, the structure of the airport itself is in a somewhat dilapidated condition, but .. Read more »
This could be a nice small airport if it had flights...
The reviews with 5 stars are comforting)) but, unfortunately, the airport is in a dilapidated state... Yes, one hall has been renovated and is quite d.. Read more »