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Hoverla is the highest mountain in Ukraine, standing at 2061 meters in height. It is a popular destination for mountain climbers and offers breathtaking views from the top. The hike to the summit can be challenging, with various paths to choose from, but the experience is definitely worth it. It is recommended to start early in the morning to fully enjoy the journey. Hiring a professional guide is advisable to avoid getting lost. There are also opportunities for trekking and camping in the area. The mountain is well-connected by transport, making it accessible for those tired of urban life. However, it can get crowded, especially on weekends and holidays. The weather forecast should be checked in advance to ensure a safe climb. Overall, Hoverla is a beautiful and vibrant place to visit, offering a raw and natural trail for hiking enthusiasts.



If you’re a mountain climber, I’d definitely recommend you include Hoverla in your must-climb mountains list. Though without substantial physical trai.. Read more »
Here a lot of jaw dropping views! But be careful and check the weather forecast in advance!
A good place for people who are tired of urban lifestyle. Transport is well. You can do trekking and camping there. It’s been approx 4.5 km trek while.. Read more »
Highest point of Ukraine. Hiking is interesting but path is very busy with people even on working days and especially on weekends or holidays. From th.. Read more »
very breathtaking top view, not easy to hike as its in a raw natural rock trail, but deserves such experience, one small note; its a very well known, .. Read more »
We stayed here 2 days with camping. Almost 4 hours hiking from Nesamovyte Lake to Hoverla. Great views, fresh and cold wind, rocks, sometimes snow and.. Read more »
That was awesome, good shoes and willpower, good luck!
The highest mountain in Ukraine (2061m) Basically has a two guided ways to climb on top, One is a longer and sloping, another is a bit shorter and st.. Read more »
beautiful walk in the mountains just too many people on top
Highest mountain of Ukraine
Looks cold but it’s so pretty! It has to be visited! The whole trip from the camp may take 6 hours, take it to account while planning your trip.
It might seem to be an easy trip up hills but it is not at all.
The highest point of Ukraine. It takes around 3 hours to climb. Rather easy.
Most beautiful place I have seen yet
We took almost 5 hour to reach top. And 3 hour to come down. Whole mountain range is beautiful. There is no fear of any animal as just fox and very ra.. Read more »
Amazing landscapes
The highest mountain in Ukraine. You can see great view from the top, but it depends on the weather. At the same time good place for hiking and relaxi.. Read more »
Lifetime memories! Excellent) The view's are amazing and extraordinary. The hiking experience is thrilling and adventurous. Good vacation option with .. Read more »
Unbelievable emotions, guys! There are a lot of beautiful landscapes around so you will spend a lot of time there to make a lot of photos. Recommend t.. Read more »
Brilliant hike up the highest point in Ukraine. Not a small home, but easily doable in trainers doing summers. Small feat for mountaineers, but worth .. Read more »