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House of Free Press

Bucharest, Romania
4.1 / 20
The House of Free Press is a cool landmark in Bucharest, Romania, where you can capture stunning photographs. Built during the communist period, this building still remains in use today. One interesting feature is the recent monument named "Wings," which is sometimes illuminated. If you're looking for free parking in the area, this is a great place to leave your car. Although I haven't visited it personally, I have heard that it used to be a Communist press house, and due to its associated symbolism, there aren't many businesses operating within the building currently. Construction of the House of Free Press began in 1952 and was completed in just four years. Standing at a total height of 104 meters, including the antenna, it is an impressive structure. The large statue "Wings" positioned in front of the building carries the symbolic meaning of the Anti-Communist fight. While the building has an old communist appearance, it is still worth a visit as a tour stop in Bucharest. If you are brave enough to enter, you might even catch a glimpse of the communist sickle and hammer symbol above the elevators in the main building. Overall, the House of Free Press is an amazing, historic building that showcases communist-era architecture and provides a unique sightseeing experience in Bucharest.
Address:Piața Presei Libere 1, București
Phone:+40 762 634 505



Cool landmark, you could take great photos from here. The building was raised during the comunist period in Romania and it is still in use. There is a.. Read more »
Beauty perishes in life, but is immortal in art
Didn't visit just heard the story that it was a Communist press house and that currently there are not many businesses in the house because of the ass.. Read more »
The House of the Free Press, it took only 4 years to be built. Starts in 1952 and finished in 1956. Total height is 104m with antena. The meaning of t.. Read more »
Nice building, old but comunist looking building.
Been here quite a few times as my mother in law lives in Bucuresti Noi. Near Parcul Bazilescu and a great fresh market My wife’s Father was a Press .. Read more »
Amazing building.
Big, big building! A history building.
Communist era architecture, nice sightseeing, should be visited as a tour stop while in Bucharest. If you dare to enter could see the communist sickle.. Read more »
Just what we needed.
The air conditioning does not work so good, the salmon was overcooked, the cabbage rolls with meat were cold. Overall, the location was ok (with enoug.. Read more »
I went to an private event at Royal Hall. Fast serving, Best serving, always smiling, good food, very clean.
Always a pleasure
phone number not available on any site :(
Sovietic a5chetectire and very bad maintained
Dirty. Soviet building.
Nice place. A bit communist style inside. I was at an event there.
The best venue in bucarest perfect place for buses
Sala Marmura. Bad sound. Stuffy. Old style of architecture with bad vents.
Great location for events
Not best looking and definitely not best maintained. Impressive though.
Somehow impressive but I really don't like the „Soviet” architecture, huh...