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Holy Protection Church

Lutsk, Ukraine
4.3 / 19
The Holy Protection Church, also known as the Church of the Intercession, is a beautiful and well-maintained church located in the city of Lutsk. It is considered a monument of national importance and holds historical significance. The church is adorned with greenery and roses during the summer, adding to its charm. Inside, the church features stunning iconography and a pleasant interior. Many generations of Orthodox Luchans have offered their prayers within its ancient walls. The church has remained Orthodox throughout its history and holds a special place in the hearts of the local parishioners. The priest of the Holy Protection Church is described as charismatic, and the church's interior is considered suitable for photography. However, there may be varying opinions on certain elements of their teachings, particularly in regards to biblical interpretations. It is suggested that individuals draw their own conclusions on this matter. While the church itself is highly recommended for its spiritual atmosphere and the opportunity to pray alongside the parishioners, there have been some concerns about the service at the church's institution. The wait time for a waitress was noted to be quite long, and the establishment was not crowded at the time. This aspect may need improvement. A visit to the Holy Protection Church is said to provide a deep connection with one's soul and affirmation in the faith in God and true Orthodoxy. It offers a peaceful environment through its church services. Visitors are encouraged to experience the church's beauty and find inspiration within its walls. Overall, the Holy Protection Church is praised as a very nice and welcoming place. The atmosphere is friendly and polite, making the visit enjoyable. It is important to note that this church belongs to the Volyn Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, also known as the ROC (Russian Orthodox Church).
Address:Danyla Halyts'koho Street, 12, Luts'k



We were here in the summer, the church was decorated with greenery and roses everywhere, we really liked it.
Monument of national importance. Good, clean and well-groomed area. Beautiful iconography and interior. Overall a great place, although without the hi.. Read more »
It is worth getting there to pray with the parishioners. Good there.
Great place, grace here. The Church of the Intercession is the pearl of the city of Lutsk. Within these ancient walls, many generations of Orthodox Lu.. Read more »
The priest is charismatic. The interior for the photo is not bad. I have my own view on some elements of their teaching, so in this subtle aspect (we .. Read more »
We waited for 15 minutes for the waitress to come. There were few people in the institution. I had to go down from the second floor and make an order.
A visit to the temple allows a person to know his soul, to be affirmed in Faith in God, in true Orthodoxy and to receive peace from the church service.. Read more »
I advise you to visit very nicely and excitingly?
Very nice church, all friendly and polite, I go with pleasure
Why the ROC? Holy Intercession Church of the Volyn Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
Very nice and beautiful place, resting body and soul. Singing is simply unsurpassed !!!
A beautiful temple, a wonderful place for spiritual self-improvement ...
Very beautiful, and the voices of the clergy are simply charming.
ROC - this is all you need to know about this place.
Convenient location
No complaints.
I really did not like that they speak and conduct the service in Russian ...
The church is located in the Old Town, built in the XV-XVI centuries, constantly restored, but retains the style in which it was built. Inside the chu.. Read more »
There was very little space in the churches. It is done on a normal day and people are forced to freeze outside. (+5 on the street)