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Holy Mother Virgin Nativity Cathedral

Batumi, Georgia
4.6 / 21
The Holy Mother Virgin Nativity Cathedral is a stunning church located in Batumi. While I couldn't take any photos inside, I was captivated by the beautiful paintings and the overall atmosphere of the church. The architecture is impressive, and the large yard provides a lovely space to relax and observe both locals and tourists. Despite the prohibition on photography inside, I was fortunate enough to be allowed to take a few pictures. The cathedral, designed in the Gothic architectural style, showcases the signature colored high windows that point towards the heavens. The sharp arches and dominating presence make it a sight to behold. The common materials used in its construction are oak woods, and the main colors found within are purple, ruby, black, emerald, and green. Overall, this cathedral is a must-visit for those who appreciate beautiful architecture and a peaceful atmosphere.
Address:N 51 Demetre Tavdadebuli Street, Batumi



Taking photos is forbidden there so I couldn't take photos from inside. But it was an amazing feeling, and the painting were nice.
interesting church with clear paintings and a big yard and chairs you can seat and look local and tourist people.
Good architecture and good atmosphere. I always like to visit churches. It was officially forbidden to take photos inside the cathedral, but they kind.. Read more »
The church with its old architecture was very beautiful, inside the church smells good and everyone was praying. The atmosphere of the church felt goo.. Read more »
This cathedral was made in style of Gothic architecture and it's was rebuilt by USSR The french Gothic architecture is known with colored high windows.. Read more »
Beautiful Cathedral in old Batumi. Beautiful place. Has a small shop on a street.
Good place but i expected it will be more clean and holy.
It was a beautiful place. I liked it.
Beautiful church, built by catholics. It is orthodox nowadays though.
A church with best architectural design ??
Neo-Gothic style church of the mother of God in old Batumi. Originally built as a Catholic church early in the 1900's woth the sponsorship of the busi.. Read more »
There is a special aura in this church. May god bless whoever reads this comment
You can feel the holy spirit when you enter Is a beautiful place
Beautiful cathedral! Neo-gothic architecture. Cozy garden... there are benches to sit and relax, fountain to drink water.
Very good looking place
Close to the center a lot of shops and exchanges money Which will find public transportation from Batumi to Georgian Cities and areas
one of the most beautiful church in Batumi
The Church of the Mother of God in Batumi is a Georgian Orthodox cathedral, originally built as a Catholic church early in the 1900s. The church was .. Read more »
Different architecture in the city center, beautiful and calm place
Originally built as a Catholic church early in 1903
Great neo gothic church
Mary was a first-century Galilean Jewish  woman of Nazareth, the wife of Joseph, and the mother of Jesus, according to the canonical gospels and the Q.. Read more »
Was under construction while there. Not a very friendly and open place. Was very beautiful and is a must see if you enjoy looking at architecture like.. Read more »
Really beautiful church outside and inside. Is perfect for who loves to take nice pictures.
The Church of the Mother of God in Batumi is a Georgian Orthodox cathedral, originally built as a Catholic church early in the 1900s. Batumi Holy Mot.. Read more »
Spiritual place. Great peace. Good place for christians. Great construction. Architect is outstanding
Batumi Holy Mother Virgin’s Nativity Cathedral was built in 1897 with financial support of well-known brothers Zubalashvilebi. The three-domed church .. Read more »
Absolutely stunning ancient church set in the middle of great scenery! One will feel like they have gone centuries back.