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Holy Cross Convent

Poltava, Ukraine
5 / 5
Holy Cross Convent is a serene and tranquil place that offers both a space for prayer and an opportunity for personal growth and learning. While it may primarily be associated with religious practices, there is something for everyone to appreciate within its walls. One cannot help but be awestruck by the intricately carved wooden craftsmanship displayed throughout the convent. This renowned site also serves as a popular tourist destination in the city of Poltava. Despite its fame, Holy Cross Convent remains a peaceful and tranquil haven, allowing visitors to find solace amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Contrary to what some may say, reaching the convent on foot is entirely feasible, with a pleasant pathway adorned with a few stairs along the way. Alternatively, arriving by car poses no difficulties either. Once inside, one is enveloped by a sense of silence and serenity, accentuated by the abundance of colorful flowers adorning the surroundings. This combination of natural beauty and spiritual power truly makes Holy Cross Convent a remarkable and captivating destination.
Address:Paisiia Velychkovskoho Street, 2А, Poltava
Phone:+380 5322 79059



It's place to pray and learn
I'm not religious, but the wooden craft work inside is just stunning
Its a nice tourist place in Poltava city.
Famous but quite place
A lot of people on YouTube or here say that it is impossible to get here on foot. Not true. Easy and nice walking road with a few stairs, so be prepar.. Read more »
Silent, peaceful place. Full of flowers.
Very beautiful and powerful God place.