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Haydarpasa Train Station

Istanbul, Turkey
4.3 / 15
Haydarpasa Train Station is an elegant Ottoman-era rail station that is currently under restoration. Unfortunately, visitors are unable to enter or get near the station due to extensive archaeological excavations in the surrounding area. It is uncertain whether the station will reopen in the future, but it is a relief that it was not torn down. Despite the restrictions, visitors can still enjoy the station's picturesque views by taking a boat tour. The station is located at Haydarpaşa Harbor, and it features a column dedicated to Abdulhamid II, designed by Italian architect Vallaury. The station holds significant historical importance as it was a major stop on the Berlin-Baghdad Express route. The station's ornate vaulted ceiling, sandstone façade, and clock tower add to its charm. Although the station is currently closed, it is still worth a visit to admire its architectural beauty and have a meal at the nearby Mythos Haydarpasa restaurant. In the past, the station served as the main train station for the Anatolian part of Istanbul, marking the starting point of the railways in Asia. It was a landmark in Istanbul, connecting the Asian coast of the Bosphorus to the European side via ferry. Unfortunately, the station recently suffered a fire while undergoing restoration, leading to debates about its future use as either a station and art & culture center or a hotel. Regardless of its current state, the station holds a special place in the hearts of Istanbul residents who have fond memories of traveling to and from different cities via the trains that passed through Haydarpasa.
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Can't enter or even get near it. This place has been covered up for years and I don't know whether there is actual hope for it to reopen. Due to exten.. Read more »
under restoration. unable to enter.
You can take amazing photos while taking a boat tour.
It is a breakwater that was built in 1889 while Haydarpaşa Harbor was being built. In the middle, there is a column dedicated to Abdulhamid II, made .. Read more »
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Elegant Ottoman-era rail station, steeped in history with an ornate vaulted ceiling, sandstone façade & clock tower, (station under renovations). Conn.. Read more »
Was so good especially in this summer travelling by Vapur/ferry
The historical main train station of Anatolian part of Istanbul. The railways in Asia starts from here.
One of the landmarks of Istanbul, served as a major train station on the Asian coast of Bosphorus near Kadıköy where all the trains run till here befo.. Read more »
This historical station used to be the door of İstanbul to Anatolia. Many trains from different cities used to come here. I for myself used to get on .. Read more »
It is closed for reconstruction after fire.
Closed for renovations
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