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Kharkiv Art Museum

Kharkiv, Ukraine
4.6 / 7
The Kharkiv Art Museum is a highly recommended destination for art lovers in Kharkiv. It features an excellent selection of Ukrainian art, as well as works by world-renowned painters and Ukrainian artists. The museum also has a collection of porcelain on display. Visitors can explore various exhibitions showcasing local and international art. The museum is particularly popular for its exhibitions of Ukrainian and Russian national paintings. The museum is located in the city center and offers a pleasant experience for those looking to appreciate art and learn about the heritage of Ukrainian artists. It is worth noting that the museum occasionally faces issues with its ticket system. However, despite this minor inconvenience, it remains a great value and interesting place to visit. Visitors can also enjoy the convenience of an online system that allows them to scan barcodes and listen to descriptions about the artworks on display. Overall, the Kharkiv Art Museum is a must-visit for anyone with a passion for art and a couple of free hours to spare in Kharkiv.
Address:Zhon Myronosyts Street, 11, Kharkiv
Phone:+380 57 706 3394



Excellent selection of Ukrainian art. The first floor doesn't have much. Definitely recommended to anyone having 2-3 free hours visiting Charkov
This museum has many expositions, I would recommend to visit all of them and enjoy the art variety of world known painters as well as Ukrainian artist.. Read more »
A good collection of local art. The small international section is good too
Fine Arts Museum is the most popular museum in Kharkiv. Exhibitions of Ukrainian and Russian national paintings. I like to come here from time to tim.. Read more »
Fabulous! Almost a unique place in the whole world where you can find a beautiful original work of art without an author (yep, not by anonymous or unn.. Read more »
glare due to inappropriate lighting makes it almost impossible to enjoy the art pieces which are framed in glass....
If you like art you have to visit
Great value and interesting place . The exhibits change frequently so there is always something new to go and see . It has a system that is linked onl.. Read more »
Very very impressive museum, but ticket system must be solved.
Nice museum in the centre of Kharkiv. Good collection. Always pleasant to meet these pieces of art.
Large gallery. 40 hrv for entrance to all 4 exhibitions over 2 floors. Lots of art from all periods to see. Some very beautiful and original pieces. W.. Read more »