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Gunpowder Tower

Lviv, Ukraine
4.3 / 15
The Gunpowder Tower is a monument of Polish history and a significant part of the Lviv fortification system. Constructed in 1554-56, it stands as a true historical building in the city. Though I haven't been inside, I caught a glimpse of it from afar and it looked quite impressive, especially when illuminated at night. According to some visitors, there is currently construction happening on the upper level of the tower as of September 21, 2021. However, there is a brief presentation available, albeit a bit fast-paced, showcasing the tower's history. The presentation is in English and features fascinating animations projected onto a model. While the tower itself is not open for visitation, it serves as a captivating art venue and is considered the home of the city guardians. One visitor described the "history of Lviv" exhibition as reminiscent of the cinematics found in strategy games from the 2000s, although the lack of readable English documents left them slightly disappointed. They felt that the museum entrance fee of 50 UAH was somewhat overpriced, especially considering the abundance of impressive museums in Lviv. Nevertheless, the Gunpowder Tower remains a beautiful and historically significant building in the area. It offers a nice view from the top and is particularly enchanting when illuminated during an evening stroll.
Address:Pidvalna Street, 4, L'viv
Phone:+380 322 729 223



Monument of Polish History! The tower was erected in 1554-56 as part of the Lviv fortification system.
Didn't actually go there, just saw it from a distance. Looks cool at night
Nice view from the top, but feels like something is lacking overall.
The upper level is currently (2021.09.21.) under construction, but you can see a brief (and slightly too fast) presentation. But the presentation was .. Read more »
True historical building of a city. It's a real home of a city guardians. Now is a good art place
The "history of Lviv" exhibition was like the cinematics of a 2000's strategy game, but without a readable document in English. Considering the pletho.. Read more »
The best gunpowder tower in the area
Beautiful building, highlighted at night.
Beautiful historic building
Nice place for evening walk
The gunpowder tower provides an excellent backdrop for a picture of the city when looking down from Lysenka Street.
This place is currently hosting videomapping of Lviv - a fascinating visual experience that in 5 minutes will tell you about the history of the city.
Nice place for walking, doing some sports and observe perfect view on Lviv
Looks good but close for maintenance until September
Stands in Old Town’s heart, is a monument of the Renaissance military and defensive architecture. Its value is in that it is the only element of the m.. Read more »
Architecturally very interesting. One of the few structures of the old fortifications still remaining. They had an exhibition inside on 3 floors which.. Read more »