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Guangxiao Temple

Guangzhou, China
4.8 / 12
Guangxiao Temple is a reconstructed Buddhist temple located in Guangdong province, China. It is said to be the oldest temple in the province, with a history dating back to the Han dynasty. Despite its reconstructed state, the temple still holds its historic charm and is a beautiful site to visit. Upon arrival, I found the temple to be closed, but I was able to explore the surroundings. The area outside the temple is filled with stores selling incense sticks and figurines of Chinese gods, which adds to the cultural atmosphere. The temple itself is pretty and has a modern, commercial feel to it. Everything has been repainted and updated, giving it a similar appearance to Japanese temples. However, it lacks the peacefulness that one might expect from a traditional temple. Personally, I found the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees to be more preferable. Nevertheless, Guangxiao Temple is still a must-visit for those interested in Chinese culture and history. The surroundings are clean and the environment is calm, providing a good place to relax. It is especially great for a leisurely stroll in the early morning. While the temple may not be original, it is still an excellent place to visit. The 5RMB entrance fee is well worth the money, as it allows you to experience this beautiful historic site. Additionally, the temple serves delicious vegetarian cuisine to the public, which is a nice bonus. In conclusion, Guangxiao Temple is a beautiful reconstructed Buddhist temple with a rich history. It may not be as peaceful as traditional temples, but it still offers a unique and enjoyable experience for visitors.
Address:109 Guang Xiao Lu, Yue Xiu Qu, Guang Zhou Shi
Phone:+86 20 8108 8867



It was close when I arrived so I just explore outside. Looks nice. Sorrounding lots of stores selling incense sticks and figurines of Gods of chinese .. Read more »
Beautiful place
Pretty, in a modern, commercial way. Everything has been repainted and updated (reminds me of a lot of Japanese temples, but not nearly as peaceful). .. Read more »
A must visit temple. Clean surroundings, calm environment. Good place to relax .....
Amazing place for a relaxing stroll in the early morning.
Reconstructed, oldest Buddhist temple in Guangdong province, with a history dating back to the Han dynasty
Excellent place the only thing it's been rebuild not original.
A beautiful historic site. Entrance fee of 5RMB is money well spent.
nice temple, pretty crowded. and they serve very nice vegetarian cuisine to the public
A very beautiful temple. It has statues of Buddha, laughing Buddha, some mythological dieties. It has another hall with a beautiful temple with severa.. Read more »
A bigger temple than Temple of the six banyan trees. Very airy and tranquil. Paid 5 or 10 yuan for the entrance fee. A temple where the locals come. T.. Read more »