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Slov'yansʹkyy hotel

Cherkasy, Ukraine
4.8 / 20
The Slavyansky Hotel, also known as the Blue Palace, is a remarkable building in Cherkasy, Ukraine. Despite its current state of restoration, it still showcases its unique and enchanting architectural features. The main tower, which stands at the corner of Khreshchatyk and Dashkovich streets, gives the impression of a fairy-tale castle, with its pointed spire towering above the surrounding buildings. The arched windows on the second floor add a touch of romance and create a magical atmosphere. Although it may be challenging to locate the building without the help of locals or previous photographs, the Slavyansky Hotel is unmistakable with its pointed turrets, semicircular balcony, and distinct columns with minarets. Its facade, once painted a pleasant blue color, has been gradually losing its hue due to the ongoing restoration work. Nevertheless, the building remains a true gem and a standout feature of Cherkasy. It is unfortunate that the hotel is now adorned with a large Alfa Bank sign, concealing its original name. In fact, the city seems to have a general dissonance when it comes to preserving and utilizing its beautiful historical buildings. The former house of Shcherbina is now a registry office, while an extension in the form of a cafe occupies part of the former Public Bank building. It is disappointing to see a bank occupying the magnificent Blue Palace. Designed by architect Gorodetsky, the Slavyansky Hotel is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful buildings in Cherkasy and even in all of Ukraine. Its historical significance and stunning architecture make it a must-see for tourists. It is a shame that such beauty is not more prevalent in the city, but the ongoing restoration and repair of this architectural masterpiece signify a commitment to preserving its splendor for future generations.
Address:Khreshchatyk Street, 229/20, Cherkasy



On the map, this building with pointed turrets, a semicircular balcony and unusual columns with minarets is marked as "Slavyansky", meaning the former.. Read more »
One of the best decorations of the city. It was designed by architect Gorodetsky.
Just seen from the outside, very good!
In October 2021 - under reconstruction, and it's cool that such architectural objects are being restored and repaired.
Undoubtedly, it is the most beautiful building in the city of Cherkasy.
Beautiful house, decoration of the city!
An impressive building, around which you can walk for a long time and see the wonders of architecture of those times.
Former hotel Slavyansky, owned by the merchant Skaryna. He's the Blue Palace. V. Gorodetsky's project.
Zest Cherkasy. One of the finest buildings in Ukraine.
Historical landmark! It is worth noting and seeing live to all tourists. It is a pity that there is not enough such beauty in the city
Close up quite shabby
Cool architecture!
A very intimate and beautiful building.
Very beautiful building
The blue palace is called the historic building of the Slavic Hotel, an incredibly beautiful, neo-gothic, romantic-style building dating from the turn.. Read more »
Blue Palace (formerly - the hotel of the entrepreneur Skorina "Slavic") Built at the beginning of the twentieth century according to the project of ar.. Read more »
Architectural color of the street Khreshchatyk. Recently there was a bank in this building.
Interesting architecture. It is nice to stop the view. For Cherkassk, it is rather an exception.
The historic building of the Slavyansky Hotel, also known as the Blue Palace, is an incredibly beautiful neo-Gothic building in the romantic style, er.. Read more »
Cool building!