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Unfinished Parus Hotel

Dnipro, Ukraine
3 / 21
The Unfinished Parus Hotel is a complex structure that elicits mixed emotions from visitors. On one hand, it has been transformed into an art object, attracting attention from various vantage points. On the other hand, it is a deserted building that was once envisioned to be a luxurious hotel. Despite its incomplete state, the Parus Hotel showcases stunning panoramic views of the city, offering breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. It has become a recognizable landmark of the Dnieper, comparable to the towers in the area. While the building's current state is disheartening, it continues to captivate onlookers with its unique design. It stands as a symbol of what could have been, and its unfinished presence leaves a lasting impression. Although there have been attempts to revitalize the project, it remains unfinished due to economic crises and political changes. The building's unfinished status has led to negligence and its subsequent abandonment. Despite its incomplete state, it remains a significant and distinguishable landmark in the city. However, the lack of completion and maintenance of such projects throughout the region raises questions about the current era. It is worth noting that the territory surrounding the Unfinished Parus Hotel has been fortified to prevent accidents and trespassing. Nonetheless, concerns regarding safety persist, as numerous fatal incidents have occurred over the years. Many citizens advocate for the demolition or immediate reconstruction of the building, as it obstructs various pathways and obstructs the view for nearby structures. Despite its unfinished and decaying state, the Unfinished Parus Hotel continues to intrigue and inspire visitors, leaving them with a sense of awe and curiosity.
Address:Sicheslavska Naberezhna Street, 5, Dnipro
Phone:+380 50 563 4859



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I have no strength to look at this trash heap
A beautiful, but unfortunately, hopelessly abandoned, unfinished building. Although even in this form, it does not leave anyone indifferent! ..
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Eerie. The murals on the walls surrounding the place are worth seeing.
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why this building has not yet been demolished is not clear. It is high time. a haven for alcoholics, drug addicts and homeless people.
The employer told me to go here, but in fact I had to go on sail 2, so 3. Well, in general, the place is atmospheric?
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