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Gomel Station

Gomel, Belarus
4.4 / 14
Gomel Station is a railway station in Belarus that provides excellent services to its passengers. The staff members are pleasant and helpful, as they assisted in escorting an elderly passenger to her hotel. The station is conveniently located within walking distance of the bus station and offers an inexpensive left-luggage office and toilet facilities. There is also a public transport stop nearby and a grocery supermarket across the street in a shopping center. While the station is old, it is well-maintained and surrounded by various shops. The only downside is that the information plates are only in Belarusian and English, without Russian, which is widely spoken. However, the cashier, Terekhina, deserves special recognition for her attentive and friendly service. The station has both old and new buildings, giving it a unique character. Despite its age, it offers comfort and is conveniently situated near the bus station. The only issue is that the toilets are not free, which may not seem fair considering other establishments provide free facilities. Nevertheless, the station does provide WiFi and a reasonably priced luggage room. Overall, Gomel Station is a beautiful and well-equipped station that could benefit from some improvements, such as additional charging stations and free toilets.
Address:Pryvakzaĺnaja plošča, Homieĺ



I would like to express my gratitude to the services of the Gomel railway station. The work of the station service was pleasant, with whom I spoke on .. Read more »
Everything is good and convenient: within walking distance of the bus station, on the -1 floor there is an inexpensive left-luggage office and a toile.. Read more »
Thank you very much for the excellent job the cashier Terekhina !! Very attentive and friendly!
Old train station, but also new. Around it is full of shops. 2 min from the bus station. Comfortable!
Things are good. But why, I wonder, is the toilet paid? All shopping centers, large stores, are equipped with FREE toilets for visitors, because the c.. Read more »
The old railway station building. Ticket offices on the first and second floors. Two waiting rooms. New building for regional communications. Ticket o.. Read more »
Nice train station with old and new (relatively) building. But the feeling when you are in it, as if you are in the early 2000s or the end of the 90s.
Tired of bambily near the exits of the tunnels. They climb straight under the feet / suitcases. And the administration of the station does nothing wit.. Read more »
beautiful station
Not a single place to charge your electronic devices. Toilets are not free and they do not accept card. But there is wifi and a very cheap luggage roo.. Read more »
Multi language signs, good for tourists like me. Found a "Waiting Room" for rent, perfect for a day tourist like me. As bonus the window was located s.. Read more »
This place is one of the most important railway station in the Belarus.
Nice station. Free WiFi and a beautiful building
The train station of Gomel station was built in the 1890s. In 1946, the station was reconstructed and rebuilt. November 26, 1996, to the 125th anniver.. Read more »