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Film Museum Nessebar

Nessebar, Bulgaria
3.8 / 5
Film Museum Nessebar is a small but beautiful museum that offers a glimpse into the world of film. Inside, visitors can see replicas of famous movie props and even catch a glimpse of actors from the films themselves. While the museum may not have as many real-size statues as it once did, there is still one noteworthy statue of the Joker. It has a nostalgic charm, but also gives the impression that it may not be open for much longer. The museum is run by three teenagers, who also operate a paid restroom on the premises. Admission is 5lv for adults and 3lv for children. While the museum may not meet high expectations, it can still be an enjoyable experience, especially for film enthusiasts. The location is convenient, and the staff is friendly and eager to share information about the exhibits. One downside is that there are a significant number of replicas compared to genuine props. Additionally, the price of admission may be a bit high considering the lack of detailed information provided about the props. Overall, Film Museum Nessebar offers a unique and interesting experience for those looking for something different to explore.
Address:ulitsa "Ribarska" 117, Nessebur



Small museum but very beautiful inside, you can see actors from the films and things :-)
Good variety of film memobbillia
This place definitelly lives from his past. The times, when there are many famous statues in real-size are gone. Only one, which is worthy for mentio.. Read more »
Small interesting place in good location. Something you don't see every day and doesn't take lot of yours time. Staff is friendly and willingly tells.. Read more »
A small museum of replicas and movie props. There was quite a few genuine props, but they seemed to be outnumbered by replicas. The price was a bit to.. Read more »