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Expo Center of Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.5 / 20
The Expo Center of Ukraine is a popular destination for both summer and winter fun. It offers a variety of attractions and activities, such as the Ice skating Fun-land and street food and drinks. While some of the Soviet buildings on the grounds show signs of wear and decay, many recreational facilities are in good condition or newly built. Visitors can enjoy playgrounds, skateparks, soccer and basketball courts, as well as general fitness areas. The center also offers a range of entertainment options for kids. There are shops selling grilled products and ice cream, adding to the festive atmosphere. The best part is that entrance to the Expo Center is free, making it a must-visit location. Although the architectural style may be reminiscent of the Soviet era, some buildings have been remodeled, creating attractive spaces. Despite the worn-down appearance of the territory, the old Soviet architecture can still be appreciated for its monumentalism. Overall, the Expo Center offers a range of activities and attractions, making it a great place to visit. However, it is more easily accessible by public transportation than by car. While there is a need for renovation and fewer fences, the center remains a fun destination throughout the year. For those interested in gaining knowledge, the center has hosted exhibitions that provide in-depth insights into subjects such as the human body, making it particularly valuable for medical students.
Address:Національний Експоцентр України, М01, Kyiv
Phone:+380 44 596 9101



Best place in Summer and Winter with attractions and fun.Like Ice skating Fun-land, Street food and drinks.
The areal itself and the soviet buildings are a bit worn down. However, a lot of infrastructure for recreational activities is in good condition or ne.. Read more »
Old Soviet architecture and decay that's what you will see here, though some building are remodelled inside and turned into pretty spaces most of the .. Read more »
Big exhibition premises. Suitable location if you get here by city transport (especially subway). And not very suitable by car.
Great place with rich architecture of the USSR , now integrated with modern touch , you can find a lot of activities inside, like bicycles, museums, p.. Read more »
Missing true food court, else is great for family weekend.
Nice location for family walks. Here you can find several museums, nice food court. At winter here you can visit winter village with dozens of activit.. Read more »
There are many activities to do, fresh air and beautiful places to visit
The place needs some renovation, and it could be better if there would be less fences. But overall it is a fun place all year round.
This exhibition held here was the best ever to gain knowledge about the human body. Especially for medical students! ??
It’s a great place for running, bike’s ride etc. A bit uneasy to navigate through all this amount of space (not enough navigation signs)
Pretty cool place. Nice look back into Soviet Union days. Good place for a walk.
Such a nice place to visit and have a walk There are lot of open space performances)
Probably one of the best parks in Ukraine with so many activities for the family. Bike riding, great trails for hiking, good outdoor spots for food, a.. Read more »
Fine place for walking. There are lot of entertainment and at summer and at winter. Every year on winter holidays you can find there many places to re.. Read more »
Great place... there was a Body Worlds Place which is amazing but I believe is moving the end of January 2020...
I visited this place for the first time and liked it alot . The fair was too good it had so many food stalls, games ,music & the decoration was awe.. Read more »
It is a historic place with many Soviet monuments and buildings, as well as beautiful nature and wide open spaces. Many attractions. Great place to vi.. Read more »
Very nice historical expo center with Soviet Era architecture. Several things to do for the whole family throughout the year. There is a nice petting .. Read more »
Good place to have a walk, picnic, especially bike ride. Very much bike trails, for every style. Very green and fresh, where you can relax from city b.. Read more »