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Dynamo Stadium

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.5 / 13
Dynamo Stadium is a quaint and cozy stadium located near the center of Kiev. Although it may seem small, it offers a pleasant surprise with its easy accessibility. The stadium is visually appealing and can be easily spotted from the walking path. It is particularly enjoyable on a sunny day, as it offers a beautiful setting. However, if it rains, there is no cover, and you will surely get wet. The stadium may not be huge, but it provides a great atmosphere for football matches, with passionate ultras singing throughout the game. Even for those who are not football fans, Dynamo Stadium offers an interesting experience. Visitors can take a guided tour inside the stadium, where they can learn about the historic events that have taken place there. Overall, Dynamo Stadium is a great place to watch a game and is eagerly anticipated by those who have visited before.
Address:vulytsya Mykhaila Нrushevs'kogo, 3, Kyiv
Phone:+380 44 597 0003



I can't wait to return and see a game
First time for me and enjoyed the stadium. Basic facilities and if it rains, you'll get wet as there is no cover
Home sweet home
The great place
Great stadion
Very small cosy stadium expected something bigger but it's a pleasent surprise as it's easy to access and so close to the center off kiev
Beautiful stadium as long as it doesn't rain
very nice decent stadium, visible from walking path
I'm not a football fan but it was very interesting, and it's really huge Stadium. and you can do a tour there where they take you inside and talk abou.. Read more »
Bob on as it was a free admission pre season friendly. Nice little ground providing it doesn't rain,as it's all open.good set of ultras singing all ga.. Read more »
Great place for big concerts and raves. Right in the centre. And far from living houses. So you can rave all night long.
A small (16,873 seats) but nice stadium. Watched UEFA Women's Champions League Final here, was very well organized. Lacking toilets in the surrounding.. Read more »
It is old stadium but atmosphere is good and is is surrounded by Forrest or park which makes this place special. Stadium is small comparing to modern .. Read more »
valery Lobanovsky is a name which connects me to my old time world cup memories and when he managed UAE . in the entrance of this stadium there is a b.. Read more »
It was built in 1932 with a pool inside. Now it is the stadium of national soccer league for Ukrain. History and soccer 💚