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Dovbush rocks

Yaremche, Ukraine
4.8 / 18
Dovbush rocks is a beautiful hiking spot located in a wooded area. The rocks are truly amazing and provide a stunning backdrop for the hike. The best part is that the food available at the site is delicious and reasonably priced, making it even more enjoyable. I highly recommend visiting this place as I absolutely loved it. It's a great place for hiking, offering a clean and easy route that is suitable for families with kids. Along the way, you can even stop to eat some delicious blueberries. If you're more experienced in hiking, you can venture up to Makovytsya mountain, which is well signposted and provides a map for visitors. Just make sure to wear appropriate footwear as there are roots and stones along the path. Despite some graffiti, the natural beauty of the surroundings, fresh air, silence, and mysterious atmosphere make this place truly stunning. The Dovbush rocks are part of the Dovbush Path, which is a short trail that takes you through beech-jungle-fir forests on the mountain slopes. It's a great choice for a half-day or full-day adventure away from the main trail. The trail starts in the protected tract of Dribka, gradually ascending to the rocky massifs and forming a circular route. This place is perfect for hiking enthusiasts. It has a mysterious and interesting vibe, with the vegetation adding to the ambiance. Just be cautious not to visit after dark, as it might feel eerie and give the impression that you're not alone. Overall, Dovbush rocks is an awesome place that is definitely worth a visit.



Beautiful hike in the woods, amazing rocks.
Best food and price is not so high. Recommend this place )))
Loved it. Great place for hiking
Unfortunately there's a lot of graffiti. At least there was some signage with an English explanation which is always appreciated for a bit of learning.. Read more »
Nice nature, quite easy and clean route, despite quite numerous tourists. Circle takes ~2hours with kids 7 and 9 years old and stops to eat blueberri.. Read more »
Stunning nature, fresh air, silence and mysteriosity.
The Dovbush rocks are a part of Dovbush Path - a short trail on wooded mountain slopes with beech-jungle-fir forests. A great option for fun for the f.. Read more »
Perfect place for hiking
The mysterious and quite interesting place .. The germs of trees and bushes even more captures the spirit and sometimes becomes even frightened) the m.. Read more »
Awesome place
Be careful! Google maps doesn’t show the correct way to this place!
Worth visiting. Do not forget hiking shoes.
Truly awesome. Nature is amazing. Only imagine how cool opryshky were to know all those routes and paths 200 years ago. No markers and no pointers. En.. Read more »
Number one sightseeing in Yaremche. Easy path. 2 kilometres. In wood with ancient rocks. Great for family visit
Locals say that in one of the caves in the area Dovbush hid gold and has not yet been found
Great place . Try to get there when there is no rain.
Be careful with wrong way! If you missed the right turn - you get 8km road instead of 2.5km. toilets a bit annoying. The road is totally great! TIP: y.. Read more »
No words! Just look at this photos. It's really beautiful place. It's worth it
Easy and beautiful trail.It is about two kilometers from Yaremce and easily can be reached on foot.