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Dominican Convent

Lutsk, Ukraine
4.2 / 17
The Dominican Convent is a well-preserved former Polish Dominican Monastery, which was established in 1390 by the King of Poland, Władysław Jagiełło. It is located near a river, making it a picturesque and beautiful location. The convent provides a peaceful environment where visitors can find a place to spend time alone and enjoy the tranquility. However, it is worth mentioning that the monastery appears to be somewhat abandoned, with some areas showing signs of neglect. Nevertheless, there is a highly recommended beautiful temple within the premises. Some visitors have expressed their disappointment with the modern renovations carried out on this historically significant building, particularly the installation of plastic windows, which they find unattractive. Despite these concerns, the Dominican Convent still holds its historical charm and mystery, and it would be fascinating to explore what has been preserved inside. The buildings may be small, but they serve as a testament to the rich history of the monastery. Overall, it is a nice and calm place to visit, offering a cozy atmosphere in the heart of the old town. The convent is currently under the care of responsible individuals who have a vision for its preservation and development.



A well-preserved former Polish Dominican Monastery, founded in 1390 by the King of Poland Władysław Jagiełło. Currently, the seat of the Orthodox semi.. Read more »
near the river, a beautiful place. you can find a place to spend time alone. although the monastery is a bit abandoned.
I recommend a very beautiful temple!
Merchants of the Moscow horde!
There is a modern "renovation" of monuments of national importance, plastic windows in this historic building have a very ugly appearance, the area is.. Read more »
The buildings are really small, but they have preserved a trace of history.
Nice place, calm.
Old building.
It is in good ,, hands ,, and has the prospect of preservation and development
Cozy place in the old town
Only the front has been restored, but this side already has traces of destruction. Inside the yard is neat, but from the outside - almost a natural la.. Read more »
It is interesting when you travel to the historical sites of ancient Lutsk and the guide tells about this place.
Outside, it's a bit shabby, but in the courtyard is beautiful. Being located behind a fence with one entrance.
Unfortunately, not everything can be seen. And the territory is beautiful.
A beautiful and attractive place in which, unfortunately, hid the lair of the Moscow church. Prayers are offered for the Moscow tsar and for the occup.. Read more »
Nice place. Now there is an Orthodox seminary here. Seminarians and monks are very friendly. Well-kept territory. If you are traveling, you can use t.. Read more »
A perfect feeling of peace and quiet. And cold, it was -9C when I visited.