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Dnipro Hydroelectric

Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
4.8 / 5
The Dnipro Hydroelectric dam is a remarkable structure located between Dnipro and Zaporizhia. In the past, this area was known for its treacherous rapids that made it difficult for empires to establish control. In the 1890s, plans were put in place to make the river navigable, and it took almost three decades for the construction of this famous dam to be completed. Unfortunately, shortly after its unveiling in 1932, the dam was severely damaged during the Second World War and had to be rebuilt almost entirely. Today, the dam stretches for 800 meters and stands at a height of 61 meters. It has an impressive capacity of 1,569 megawatts. Visitors have the option to cross the dam using the footbridge, but it is best to do so during quieter times as the traffic can be quite heavy. The view from the dam is breathtaking, especially with the Dnieper River flowing beneath and the lights illuminating the surroundings in the evening. For those visiting Zaporizhzhya for the first time, a trip to the Dnipro Hydroelectric dam is a must. It is considered one of the greatest sightseeing spots in the city and offers different views of the Dnieper River throughout the seasons. The dam also provides a wonderful opportunity for landscape photography, capturing the beauty of the surrounding area. If you enjoy observing the changing water levels of the river or simply taking in the scenic surroundings, the Dnipro Hydroelectric dam is an ideal destination to explore.
Address:Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Plant 1569 MW, Zaporizhzhia
Phone:+380 612 239 359



Between Dnipro and Zaporizhia there used to be over 100 kilometres of impassable rapids on the River Dnieper, which is one of the reasons this region .. Read more »
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If you're at first time in Zaporozhye, you have to visit DneproHes!
The one from the greatest sightseeing in Zaporizhzhya!
A great fixture of СССР. Every season it provides different views of the Дніпро. Good place for taking landscape pictures.
Like to cross river on it, water level is very different =) Look around!