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Dinosauria Park

Hersonissos, Greece
4.3 / 42
Dinosauria Park is a fantastic destination for families with young children who have an interest in dinosaurs. The park offers a wide range of activities and exhibits that cater to dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages. One of the highlights of the park is the impressive collection of dinosaur models, which are not only incredibly detailed but also move and make sounds as you pass by. This adds an extra layer of excitement and realism to the experience. The park is quite large, providing ample space for families to explore and enjoy themselves for the entire day. Additionally, the ticket prices are affordable, making it accessible to families on different budgets. In terms of attractions, Dinosauria Park offers a 5D cinema, a science lab where kids can learn and play with interactive exhibits, and a planetarium. These additional features provide educational and entertaining experiences that complement the main dinosaur exhibits. While the majority of visitors had a great time at Dinosauria Park, some had mixed experiences. Some visitors felt that the quality of the dinosaur models was not up to par, describing them as looking like they were drawn by a toddler with a crayon. However, others found the models to be realistic and engaging. One area that received mixed reviews was the cafe. While the food was reportedly good, some visitors were disappointed with the limited options for slush drinks. There were only plastic containers available for slushes, which held a small amount and were not ideal for those who wanted a larger serving. On the other hand, disposable cups were available for other beverages. Overall, Dinosauria Park offers an enjoyable and educational experience for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages. It is particularly well-suited for families with young children, as there are plenty of activities to keep them entertained throughout the day. The park is easily accessible, with a bus stop located nearby. Visitors should keep in mind that the park is mostly outdoors, so it is recommended to visit during cooler hours or bring appropriate sun protection.
Address:DEKK, Gournes
Phone:+30 281 033 2089



Absolut great Park. Perfect for Kids. The Restaurant is good too and the complete stuff were really friendly. Everything is Clean. There is the Dino P.. Read more »
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We got the genneral admission ticket. My kids liked it ok. But not so much that it was worth it. Most of the models where terrible. They looked like a.. Read more »
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Our children were a bit scared in the beginning, but then loved it. It was a special experience for them. As an adult without kids I would not recomme.. Read more »
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Interesting science display and experiments. The dynasour theme is interesting, but just the catch, the real value lies in the rest. Not cheap, but wo.. Read more »
It was a very nice experience for my 5 yo daughter. There is an outdoor playground and a restaurant. Scientific room is small, but very interesting.
Far better than I expected! Amazing experience! My 3 year old child loved it! And me as well. :]
We came across this initially on our way to the aquarium. But good that we did take the time to visit. It’s a beautiful park and you learn a lot about.. Read more »
Great place. The cinema was outstanding, lots of special effects like wind and water,we had lots of fun.Dino Hospital was also exciting. So it's a mus.. Read more »
+ Wonderful (often animated) dinosaurs + very good info tables in different languages (Greek, English, German, Russian) + very good 5d cinema with two.. Read more »
Went here with my 2 yr old, he was so impressed. This was the best activity we did so far, even I loved it there. The dino's actually move and make so.. Read more »
This park is awesome for young kids and parents.. not too expensive and enjoyably educational.. loved it!!
It's quite a fun place! It gives you are really good prospective of how things were millions of years ago! Pretty sure adults will love it as much as .. Read more »
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More than 50 species of Dinos in original size with some movements. Detailed description of every Dino in Greek, English and German..my kids enjoyed. .. Read more »
Our 3.5 year old boy enjoyed the park very much. There were lots of dinos and other attractions. I highly recommend visiting the science exhibition as.. Read more »
Pretty nice experience for children up to 10-12 years.
Amazing place, friendly staff and kids love it
This place is full of information about dinosaurs. They have a lot of replica in the real size. This place is suitable for your children.
Very nice experience for children.
Very good for keeping the kids busy for an hour or two. Dinosaurs move and play sounds. There's also a 3D cinema, a small museum and a restaurant.
Great for kids.
Great half day adventure for kids. Both inside and outside attractions. If your child loves dinosaurs, they will enjoy it here. Good food at the resta.. Read more »
We loved it and would definitely recommend visiting here!! Great price 10€ adult 6€ child infants free Great place to go with kids and adults, could .. Read more »
Bit disappointed, but worth a visit
So modern, so cool, so much fun. You can watch, learn, dig, climb and even have a bite... or be eaten! There is a dinosaur's clinic, cinema and more.
An interesting place to visit with your kids and spend a couple of hours easily. You can purchase tickets for the planetarium with a discount if inter.. Read more »