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Kharkiv, Ukraine
4.8 / 4
Derzhprom is a stop located in a spacious square with a beautiful fountain and benches, offering a pleasant place to relax. The square also includes two cafes, one of which is more upscale while the other is a budget-friendly fast food option. Additionally, there is a convenient public toilet available. The stop itself provides a shop and a canopy, offering shelter from various weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind, and even the sun. However, the lack of tram routes diminishes its usefulness, as only the twelfth route remains and it operates infrequently. Despite these drawbacks, there is the opportunity to enjoy a snack nearby, such as pizza. The stop is fairly ordinary, providing a canopy and benches for comfort. Derzhprom holds significant historical importance as a symbol of constructivism and being the first skyscraper in the USSR, standing at an impressive height of 63 meters. It was also the first reinforced concrete structure. During the war, it even served as a refuge for saving monkeys and giraffes, demonstrating its resilience against German attempts to destroy it. Considered one of the most visually stunning buildings in Kharkov, Derzhprom does have its downsides. Due to reconstruction, it has lost its UNESCO recognition and requires constant repairs. The interior reflects a solid Soviet Union design, which may not appeal to everyone. Additionally, the lifts can be intimidating to use, and there is a possibility of getting lost within the building. Interestingly, mammoth bones were discovered during the excavation of the 6th entrance's foundation pit. These bones are now displayed in the Museum of Natural History on Trinklera Street. The renowned poet Vladimir Mayakovsky even wrote a poem about the finding, emphasizing the significance of the city's buzzing atmosphere and its connection to reinforced concrete. Furthermore, the interior design of Derzhprom boasts detailed craftsmanship, highlighted by exclusive relief featuring the letters DGP on various elements such as walls, windows, stair railings, door handles, and window latches. In its early days, all the door handles in Gosprom were made of copper, following the recommendation of the Kharkov Research Institute of Hygiene. Copper was believed to possess bactericidal properties, effectively killing microbes according to the knowledge of that time.



This stop is adjoined by a rather extensive square with a fountain and benches, as well as two cafes. One is a richer wallet, and the second is a completely democratic fast food in terms of prices. There is also a free public toilet.
There is a shop, and a canopy, and you can hide from the rain, and from the snow, and from the wind, and even from the sun. But what's the point if there is nothing to expect? Previously, there were several tram routes, but now only one route re.. Read more »
Normal stop. There is a canopy and benches
There are many reviews, but there are no pluses and minuses: 0 Pros: The symbol of constructivism -First skyscraper in the USSR (63 m) -First reinforced concrete structure -In the war there were saved monkeys and giraffes -Germans couldn’t blow.. Read more »
When digging a foundation pit of the 6th entrance, mammoth bones were found. Today, mammoth bones are in the Museum of Natural History on the street. Trinklera. The poet Vladimir Mayakovsky wrote a poem on this subject: Where the crows fought, over .. Read more »